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Why Opt For AWS Certification?

Stability comes from flexibility!

And that’s what AWS offers to you. Cloud computing is the present, the past and the future. Therefore, every firm is now migrating its data to the cloud. The question is what AWS is and why it is important to bother you.

Almost 80% of companies use AWS to manage their data in the cloud!

Do you know why?

The major reason is its easy usability. AWS is a full-packed solution for all your cloud computing needs. From creating to deploying web applications, and websites, AWS offers multiple services to its users.

However, learning it all by yourself may seem feasible but it is not. Therefore, it is better to take help from the experts to learn AWS courses online.

Sign up for the AWS learning course in Chicago with InventaTeq and move ahead for your dream career!

Get your AWS certification in only 2 months!

Artificial Intelligence

Leader of Infrastructure-as-a-service Industry

Most contribution to this growth came from AWS. AWS ensures the scalability and safety of the data, and hence, many Companies are opting to set up a reliable and functional infrastructure using it. Therefore, if you also wish to be a part of the leading firms, getting AWS certified is the first step for it.

Artificial Intelligence

It Is An Achievable Goal

Getting Amazon web services certified is an achievable goal! Where do we go wrong when it comes to making career decisions? We set up unachievable goals. Therefore, rather than wasting your time and energy on setting up unattainable goals, focus on attainable goals like becoming AWS certified with InventaTeq.

Artificial Intelligence

Prepare Yourself For The Future

As per the reports, approximately 85% of the workload will be transferred to the cloud by 2023! This growing popularity of cloud computing is one of the biggest reasons one should opt for AWS certification training classes in Chicago. The certification in AWS will give you an edge to stand among the competition. Moreover, it prepares you for the changing trends of the future that you need to cope with.

Artificial Intelligence

Globally Relevant Skills

AWS holds up to 31% of the shares in the cloud computing market! AWS is right now dominating the cloud computing market and the trend is likely to continue in the upcoming years as well. It is used globally and hence is required by all firms. The firms will require an AWS professional to manage their data on the cloud as well as scale their operations. Therefore, it is the right opportunity to make a move towards a rewarding life.

Artificial Intelligence

Bookmark all the desired skills to your profile!

Every employer in the industry looks for the desired skills in the profile or resume of a candidate. InventaTeq provides you with the skills that you need to make the right impression on your employer.

Make the right impression on your employer with your confidence!

Mock interviews introduced at different levels of your course will help you get the desired confidence to face the job interview. Your interview is your first chance to make a face-to-face impression on your employer. Therefore, you need to be well prepared for it.

Get placed in the top companies!

You do not have to look for job openings in AWS. InventaTeq offers you complete placement support to make sure that you get placed in good companies and head start your career. From the beginning of the course, we prepare you for interviews, help you prepare your professional resume and even provide you with a detailed analysis of your mock interview questions with answers in AWS.

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Practical Training

Leave the traditional methods and learn from experimentation!

Now you no longer have to rely on book methods to learn AWS. With InventaTeq, work on running projects and learn the implementation the better way.

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Expert Training

Learn from experts from all over the world!

There is nothing better than learning from the people working in the industry. At InventaTeq, we have a team of working professionals who are working at high positions in giant firms.


Course Duration

This 2-month AWS course is worth it!

InventaTeq has made it possible for you to learn AWS in only two months. We have designed our curriculum in a way that you get well acquainted with all the basics and advanced concepts of AWS.
This 2-month course is everything you need to become an AWS and start your career in less time.


Application Based Learning

Learning comes from experience!

We, at InventaTeq, believe that learning is incomplete without implementation. To make learning easier and smoother for you, we follow an application-based learning approach.

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Excel in the field of cloud computing with experts!

  • With over 15 years of experience in the field of cloud computing, our expert and the best AWS trainer in India will equip you with all the concepts of AWS. He has been a part of the cloud computing industry for a long time now and has worked on more than 70 projects. He has been a part of the team InventaTeq for a long time now.
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What You Will Learn In This Course?

Key Highlights of the Course:
  • Latest AWS tools With practical training
  • 100% Placement assistance through a dedicated team
  • Mock Interviews and resume building sessions
  • Instructor-led training by experienced professionals
  • Specialized certification with global acceptance

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AWS Training With Practical and Theoretical Knowledge

There is no point in learning if you can not implement it!

Just learning what AWS is and how it works is not enough. You must know how to practically implement the concepts of AI.

In the Amazon Web Services certification training course in Chicago with InventaTeq, you will also learn how to implement the concepts on working AWS projects for beginners.

AWS Career Growth

AWS is becoming the golden standard of the cloud!

These days people have become more dependent on the internet to carry out their operations and get information. Therefore, the dependence on the cloud has also increased. This has opened up a lot of opportunities for people across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence

So, implement, learn and remember the concepts of AWS with InventaTeq, the best AWS training institute in Bangalore!
Register in the best AWS session in Chicago and get AWS certified!

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Mode of Training

Start learning whenever and wherever you want!

InventaTeq has made it possible for you to learn AWS at the convenience of your home only. Since covid-19 hit, we have also incorporated the online structure into our learning curriculum so that you do not have to wait to learn! We have the best AWS Course Materials to Study online.

You can benefit from our instructor-led training to help you in your course duration.

At InventaTeq, we have made it easy for you to communicate with your mentor and connect with them.

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The skills you can’t miss!

Become an AI expert with a team of experts at InventaTeq!

Book your demo classes today and move a step forward to your dream career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates who are interested in working in the field of cloud computing must choose to learn AWS. It is one of the largest and leading cloud service providers which is used by almost every firm across the globe. So, if you are attempting to make a career in cloud computing, AWS is a good option.

Though AWS has a simple interface and is quite easy to use, professional guidance can be a better option. To use AWS to its fullest, you need to learn to use it from the experts. With InventaTeq, you can get the Best Amazon Web Services session in Chicago. Moreover, to understand the concepts better, we make you work on running projects.

Online AWS sessions are introduced to help you learn from experts from all over the world. Now you can learn AWS from your home only. InventaTeq provides you with an online platform where you can check and track the progress of your course as well as catch up on what you have missed or learned.

Online learning methods are still not adopted by everyone with open hands. We understand you need to be sure before you invest your money in us. Therefore, to provide you with surety, we offer you to attend a demo class. You can book your demo class for free and see how the Amazon Web Services Online session in Chicago works.

Millions of companies use AWS solutions to reduce their operations costs and scale their business and operations. In that case, the demand for AWS professionals is growing day by day. So, no matter which profile you choose in AWS, a bright career is assured!

Definitely. At InventaTeq we have designed our course in a way that caters to the requirements of a fresher as well as a working professional. At the same time, we have explained the in-depth modules included in AWS course syllabus in an easy manner to make it easy for even beginners to understand. So whether you are an expert or a fresher, this course at InventaTeq is for all. They can get started with available internships in AWS.

To give your career a head start in AWS, first, get AWS certification training in Chicago. Through this certification course, you will get the credibility of your learnings. There is no doubt that a candidate with the certification of the course is preferred. However, this is not it. You need to also learn to implement all the concepts of AWS in your real life as well. All this can be easily achieved by signing up for the AWS course with InventaTeq.

There is no particular requirement that you have to fulfil to pursue the artificial intelligence course. However, it will be beneficial to have a basic understanding of any programming language.


Uniting With InventaTeq: The Right Decision For Your Career

Hands-On Training

Learn as per your capabilities!

Not everyone is the same and InventaTeq understands it.

Therefore, we offer you hands-on training so that you can communicate and interact with your mentor freely. We ensure to keep a minimum of students in our classes as well to ensure that everyone understands everything.

Moreover, when it comes to online training, InventaTeq offers you instructor-led training in which you are assigned an instructor who will guide you through your complete curriculum. No matter if you are facing issues with your studies or projects, you can discuss everything with your mentor.


Interview Preparation

Get some tips from experts themselves for your next interview!

We are not leaving you in the middle! InventaTeq has got your back till you get your job.

To ensure that your career is on the right path, We offer you an Amazon Web Services course in Chicago with placement. InventaTeq has partnered with 100+ hiring partners to help you get your job!


Student Support

Now get assistance even after your class hours!

We provide you with a student support team to help you resolve any issue even after your class hours. The support team will guide you and assist you in every issue that you may face. This includes issues related to studies, class schedules, placement support or fees. Feel free to contact the support team.


Industry Specific Training

We make you well-equipped with the latest trends and technologies of AWS!

What is the point of learning when you can not use it in real life? Therefore, InventaTeq offers you industry-specific training to make you well-equipped with the latest technologies used in cloud computing. Also, learn to implement the technologies on running projects to get hold of the concepts more clearly.

We don’t just provide courses. We provide all that you need to equip yourself with the right kind of knowledge. From best-in-class industry sessions to real-time and good AI projects for beginners to advance AI tools to on-top case studies.

Our added courses assist you in the right path and act as a gear to give push to your careers!


Do not miss out on the opportunity to learn AI from your home. Sign up for the AWS course in Chicago with InventaTeq before all the seats are full!

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Get Insights of AWS With InventaTeq

Get ready to learn anything and everything about Amazon Web Services With InventaTeq, the top training institute in Chennai with placement!

Make a career with our 8 weeks, full-time and online AWS course.

With the help of experts, excel in all the concepts and implementation of AWS in only 2 months!

What’s stopping you from becoming an AWS expert?

Join InventaTeq and be a part of this cloud-based world with our Amazon Web Services certification training courses in Chicago!