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Why Learn Artificial Intelligence?

Maximize profits across your enterprise and automate complex business tasks. Take your career to new heights with AI!

The question is what is AI and why is it important is what you need to learn before you get into the industry. Today the adoption of artificial intelligence worldwide stands at a major turning point. Statistics suggest that the global AI adoption rate is increasing steadily and currently stands at 35%.

In fact, in some computing-based industries, the use of artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous.

A supportive evidence of the same can be provided by the fact that 44% of business organizations are in the process of embedding AI into their current business operations.

Artificial intelligence is gradually enabling new possibilities in every industrial sector. Therefore, you must join an artificial intelligence course in New York to be on par with the AI world.

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock New Career Possibilities

Say hello to a myriad of career opportunities with artificial intelligence! Most business operations involve - communication, knowledge management, planning, and reasoning. Recent progress in artificial intelligence has unlocked new capabilities based on these career skills.

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Business Solutions

An Enabling Technology led by Artificial Intelligence! According to McKinsey Global Institute, at least 30% of manual tasks can be automated in 60% of businesses worldwide. No wonder AI adoption is the no. 1 hit business marketing trend currently! Artificial intelligence will be particularly useful in industries where a large chunk of data is processed on an everyday basis. The main sectors that are sitting on the edge of an AI revolution are - Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Professional Services.

Artificial Intelligence

Tangible AI Applications

For cost savings and revenue generation, welcome a tangible set of possibilities! The power of artificial intelligence lies in its ability to convert giant data sets into smaller blocks, identify data patterns, and empower human-to-machine conversations. From entertainment businesses like Netflix to the healthcare industry to social security & surveillance, artificial intelligence has become an indispensable part of every sector.

Artificial Intelligence

Efficient Asset Management

Empowering Machine-to-Human Communication through AI Chatbots! The core AI capabilities include - using natural language processing to critical data from unstructured content and locating subtle data patterns. These capabilities have widespread applications in asset management. Some of the most important use cases of AI in asset management include - Client Service, Portfolio Construction, Investment Strategy, and Risk Management. The accomplishments of artificial intelligence have hit a tipping point because of several factors - the latest algorithm, training data availability, huge investments, open software resources, and enhanced field interest.

Artificial Intelligence

Gain a leading edge over your competitors in the corporate world!

Interviewers across the globe acknowledge our courses and will certainly improve your chances of placement. Our career experts pay special attention to help you build a profile that will impress any hiring company!

Thrive in the face of corporate challenges with Inventateq interview preparation!

Inventateq provides a complete learning package of AI courses. This includes theoretical training along with extensive practical applications. To ensure that your course learnings help you advance your career, we also provide mock interview questions with answers in artificial intelligence!.

Up to date topic coverage to guide you through interviews!

We have dedicated placement officers who will leave no stone unturned to ensure that our AI students land their dream job! We are also open with internships in artificial intelligence for engineering students.
Our students attend countless interviews of IT companies through us.
We promote portfolio building as per the latest industry standards and conduct mock exams to supplement your preparation.
Inventateq is empowering futures. Are you ready to build yours?

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Artificial Intelligence

Course Curriculum

Multi-faceted AI teaching by Professionals!

Our online AI and machine learning course in New York teaches the concepts of artificial intelligence on multiple levels.

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Course Duration

Become an AI master within just 2 months!

Learn to solve real-time problems in the world with AI! Join and learn an artificial intelligence course online in New York at the comfort of your home!


Practical AI Training

Experience quality AI training through a practical approach!

Our instructor-led courses are designed to deliver super quality training in artificial intelligence with special emphasis on practical approach. Needless to say, we’ll be helping you build a solid AI foundation all thanks to our training methodology.


Become a Technical Expert

Nurture Your AI Talent through our courses!

Our skilled and the best AI trainers in India empower your mind with the right practical knowledge, interview questions, real-time projects, case studies, and much more.

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Students Who Loved Us

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Climb the ladder of corporate success by implementing your course knowledge!

  • Our expert trainer has over 14 years of experience with Data Modeling, SQL queries, Sentiment Analysis, etc. He has co-authored multiple reconciliation papers and worked with over 100+ projects in his career. With his knowledge of AI, you will surely learn a new concept in class each day!
Artificial Intelligence

Course Learnings

InventaTeq AI courses are building intelligent futures and how?
Key highlights
  • Collaboration with 200+ IT companies
  • 100% job-oriented courses with guaranteed placement support.
  • AI certifications from tech giants like Google and Microsoft.
  • AI modularization to master important concepts.
  • Put your theoretical knowledge to test with case studies and real-world projects.
  • 100% online training under the mentorship of industry-certified experts.

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Artificial Intelligence

Career Outlook

Explore intelligent career options with AI!

Since artificial intelligence adoption is increasing day by day, there's a growing demand in the industry for professionals who are experts in AI.

The field of artificial intelligence is full of blooming career opportunities. Depending upon your interests and your experience in the AI field, you can take up different responsibilities.

From a software engineer to a budding data scientist, Inventateq’s artificial intelligence course in New York takes pride in making AI careers!

Explore Every Arena of Artificial Intelligence!

Embrace the swift paradigm shift in the technological world!

Inventateq, the top artificial intelligence institute in Chennai with Placement, believes in developing a global community around artificial intelligence. We nurture AI talent through our expert-led training modules and state-of-the-art tools.

We aim to build an AI-empowered future for the world by providing excellent learning opportunities for both non-technical professionals and AI practitioners.

If you dream of becoming an AI expert, then Inventateq can help you realise your potential!

Artificial Intelligence

Dive into the fountain of artificial intelligence knowledge!
Inventateq courses are for anyone and everyone who aims to upskill their AI workforce.

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Mode of Courses

Don’t want to waste your time travelling back and forth to your coaching classes to learn AI? If yes, then join our online AI learning classes in New York!

Gain a new outlook on the latest AI trends and become a discoverer of new-age innovations by an instructor-led training at your home!

The ever-changing world of artificial intelligence is ripe with new possibilities. Inventateq aims to broaden the reach of AI learning to much greater horizons through our expert-led internet-based courses.

Build your concepts in a smart way! Let industry-certified professionals guide you through your AI quest!

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Skills To Gain

Unfold cutting edge AI applications in your domain with InventaTeq!

Broaden your career prospects and gain both non-technical and technical corporate skills. Apart from artificial intelligence, Inventateq experts also help you to build a brilliant career by learning some of the most in-demand industrial skills such as: Neural Networks, Machine learning, Programming Languages, Deep learning, Communication skills, Decision making, Analytical thinking and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 2-month long AI certification course in New York features over 30+ exercises to practice, hands-on experience with real-world case studies and projects, and instructor-led training with experts from Intel, HP, and TCS.

Our course is an all-inclusive, self-paced online AI course that includes downloadable training videos by industrial experts, workbook exercises, 100% placement support, and practical AI assistance.

To access our AI lesson in New York, you first need to visit our official website, choose the course of your liking, and pay the requisite fee amount. Afterwards, you’ll receive a username and AI password that can be used to access the virtual lessons.

When you join Inventateq, you become a part of a growing AI community of experts. You get exclusive access to the best artificial intelligence course materials to study online by industry leaders and expand your library of knowledge. Our AI certification adds immense value to your resume and helps you to land lucrative job openings in artificial intelligence.

Inventateq provides top AI learning training in New York that’s transforming careers through AI!

Absolutely! In fact, the AI certifications provided by our experts are highly sought-after by organisations such as Google, Deloitte, Microsoft, and much more.

Inventateq AI courses make you a master at handling complex data projects and managing advanced AI analytical projects. These skills are highly in-demand in most industries and employers love to hire individuals with Inventateq AI certifications on their resume.

We follow a modern training methodology through AI modules that include subjects such as - natural language processing, automated reasoning, machine learning, computer vision, etc. Visit our website to know more!

InventaTeq is the top AI learning training in New York that provides 100% placement assistance by tracking your interview progress. We aid in resume building along with providing requisite certifications. We help you build links with global companies and take multiple mock interviews as well.

To become an AI specialist, you must have a basic understanding of programming languages, mathematics, and statistics.


Partnering With InventaTeq

AI-Powered Recruitment

A self-paced virtual solution to get you the best placements!

Our instructor-led job-oriented artificial intelligence Course in New York provides you the requisite training to handle complex data projects!

Our AI certification course is a must-do if you’re looking to enhance your project management skills through advanced AI learning!
A successful career outcome is what everyone aims for at Inventateq!


Better Returnon Investment

Our industry-relevant courses give you good value for your money!

Our online artificial intelligence training in New York can be integrated as per your time schedule for maximum flexibility. Therefore, Inventateq certifications are hailed as the gold standard of AI courses in the world!

Explore deep learning and AI networking opportunities, learn industry-relevant topics, and master AI concepts taught by legitimate industry professionals!

The Inventateq AI community is growing faster than ever and it’s time for you to join it too!


Make Yourself Competitive

Showcase your ability to execute data-centric projects!

Along with learning key AI concepts and becoming a part of the global AI network, our experts also provide AI certifications to the students. These certifications are highly sought-after by IT giants like Google and Microsoft.

Inventateq believes in creating strategic partners for IT organizations so that you can be the leader of data projects.

If and when the opportunity to work as an AI professional knocks on your doorstep, Inventateq certification will surely give you a competitive advantage!

Experience the power of best AI practices and become a master of running AI projects for beginners!

Avail a demo session for our AI learning training in New York today!


Training Methodology

Inventateq supports true AI visionaries!

At Inventateq, our industry-certified experts create AI courses which are a perfect culmination of theoretical concepts and practical application.

We leverage our real-time industrial experience to teach our students how to handle big projects with the latest AI tools and technologies. Inventateq believes that success is guaranteed through careful planning and Agile methodology application.


Our AI certification courses have a positive impact on your career. The value of having industrial experts as your virtual tutors cannot be undermined.

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Artificial Intelligence

InventaTeq: Transforming Human-Machine Interactions

Pursue the career you’ve always dreamed of with InventaTeq!

A report by CNBC has predicted the median salary of AI specialists to be $100-130,000 USD. Therefore, it is understood that the future of AI experts is bright.

So, if you are interested in joining this field, take a step in the right direction and book yourself a demo of our AI lesson in NewYork!

Propel your career with maximum velocity fueled by Inventateq AI courses!