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How AI is Becoming a Revolution?

Nine out of ten businesses today are using AI!

Out of all the people using AI, less than 15% deploy AI of its capabilities and uses. Isn’t this the outcome of the magnificent performance of AI? And what AI is and why it is important?

AI lets you climb the ladder of success faster and easier. Most budding tech-savvy people and professionals are turning their career wheels to AI.

AI helps you to boost your career and also helps you to start a new career from scratch in a technical domain. If you are a beginner and just starting your professional career then consider joining internships in artificial intelligence.

There are many other reasons why AI is the first choice of tech-oriented individuals today.

Artificial Intelligence

Explore through domains

From self-driven cars to robots, AI exists everywhere!
Whether you are considering buying yourself a self-driven car or simply using a bot feature on any website, all the features are based on AI.
You can explore several technical domains with AI in the form of data science, technology, business development, automobiles, and much more.
Hence, if you are keen on exploring different domains around the globe, you must join Canada's artificial intelligence courses.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is for Everyone

Everyone can turn their career vehicle around with AI!
Do you know what is the eligibility for pursuing AI?
All that you need to boost your career with AI is to attain a good knowledge of technical concepts. Along with that, you must acquire a graduate degree.
This graduation degree must belong to a technical domain i.e. computer science or information technology.
However, having concepts of maths in mind can always serve as an added advantage.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI with machine learning

Convert machine learning into your biggest asset with AI!
Machine learning is undoubtedly one of the best technologies available in the tech world today.
However, through AI concepts you can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of this technique.
Machine learning when used with the working application of AI will provide the best outcomes in terms of accuracy and efficiency.
Join an AI machine learning course in Canada today and handle your data easily.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the Future

Bookmark your future with AI!
In the last few years, the overall percentage of using AI as major tech support in companies has increased exponentially.
Today, you can not undermine the power of AI given that AI stands on top of the advanced technologies of the globe.
Acquiring AI as one of your strongest skill sets will help you secure your career in the coming future.
As per the digits, the global value of the AI industry might reach trillions in the upcoming years.
Enroll in an artificial intelligence course in Canada to take a step towards a safe, secure, and exciting future.

Artificial Intelligence

From shortlisted to selected! Build the path with Us!

Our experts guide you to build your profiles such that you get highlighted in sight of companies with our regular network and profile-building sessions.

Boost your confidence through our mock Interview sessions!

Our regular mock tests allow you to explore the field with conceptual Q&A and group discussion rounds.

Win over your dream companies with us!

Inventateq provides you access to a network of experts. Our team helps you through several phases of your selection process in the tech giants.

We help you practice interview questions with answers in artificial intelligence.

Through our expert guidance, you can get insights into the types of questions and core subjects asked during the interview process.

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Artificial Intelligence

Course Curriculum

Diverse AI course to apply for several job posts!

This course is divided into different modules covered in our artificial intelligence course syllabus to ensure that no concept of AI is left behind.

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Course Duration

Begin your AI career in 2 months!

From basic to high-level learning, our industry-led experts build you from scratch. Join the Inventateq community and learn AI in a matter of just two months.


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Join the AI league without leaving your home!

Do you still think that online courses are boring? Well, you have not attended any AI training sessions provided by Inventateq.
Our instructors or trainers explain all the concepts of AI in detail with real-time references.


Certification From Experts

Be AI Certified!

Get an ISO-approved certification for your AI training. This AI certification serves as your entry ticket to the tech giants.

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Backed by the enriched knowledge of AI, our expert trainer!

  • Learn AI in depth with a trainer having years of experience in teaching and practical application of AI concepts.The teaching methodology of our AI expert ensures that you learn practical skills along with theoretical ones!
Artificial Intelligence

Course Learnings

Inventateq is a key to excellence!
Key highlights of the AI learning training Canada courses by Inventateq making it unique and interesting:
  • Unique approach of training with Instructor-led classes
  • Industry certified expert training
  • Real-time problem-solving through one-on-one sessions with the trainers.
  • Good AI projects for beginners
  • Getting hands on the latest and most efficient AI tools
  • 100% placement support by a team of driven professionals

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence certification Canada is your best entry gate to the AI industry!

The AI industry is booming at a competitive growth rate today. Whether you are a newbie to the industry or simply an experienced professional, the opportunities for growth in this sector are growing enormously.

You can apply at various tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many more with AI in your corner.

If you are stuck in a job with slow growth and monotonous work life, AI is your exit from this.

Join artificial intelligence learning Canada today to open the gate of opportunities.

Inventateq is your essential package for all your AI needs!

From programming languages to handling tons of data, Inventateq ai lesson in Canada covers it all.

We offer the best artificial intelligence course materials to study online having the best and most significant concepts of AI included in them.

Explore several aspects of AI and machine learning with the artificial intelligence in Canada courses.

Be a part of the team with Inventateq to explore the powerful world of AI.

Artificial Intelligence

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We provide 100% placement assistance to ensure that you get placed in top-tier firms!

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Avail the benefits of the Best artificial intelligence session in Canada whilst sitting at home.

When we say Inventateq AI courses are for all, we surely include and consider the working professionals as well.

And, If you are a working professional who is looking forward to upgrading your skills with AI, the Online artificial intelligence session Canada by Inventateq is all you need.

Get trained in the most advanced technical tool of the century i.e Artificial intelligence. Enroll today and be a part of the AI lead future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Over 40% of start-ups and small businesses are using AI for their organization. Also, the upcoming entrepreneurs are wisely and exclusively investing their time and capital in AI and ML.

You can select various professional domains like data science, robotics, software engineering, etc as an AI expert. You can simply apply to the tech giants as their AI engineers as well.

In Canada, the average salary of AI engineers goes up to 85,000 Canadian dollars. However, this amount varies based on your experience and skills in this field. The growth rate in the AI industry is quite high as well.

The leading technology firms in Canada are constantly looking for AI experts to enhance their growth chart. Also, the tech industry of Canada is widely adopting the concepts of AI Industry for entrepreneurship and small businesses as well.

Canada is one of the leading IT hubs around the globe. With the enhancement in the application of AI in the IT and technology world, AI training in Canada is not only much demanded but also well rewarded.

Artificial intelligence training in Canada is significant to get into the tech giants in Canada. These companies and organizations are willing to provide great job openings in artificial intelligence to skilled and trained experts in AI with handsome salary packages.

Inventateq is one of the leading online platforms to attain certifications in AI and ML. Not only that but you can get online sessions for other technical skills including data science, computer vision, and much more at Inventateq.

Yes, Inventateq provides ISO certifications that are accepted by all major and minor companies around the globe.


Be globally intelligent with Inventateq!

Become an Expert

From a budding engineer to a tech professional, everyone needs growth in their respective careers.

Get this growth with specialized AI courses at Inventateq today and reach the heights you never imagined.


All thatAI contains is Here!

Inventateq AI courses are a full-fledged package for learning all the aspects of AI.

Gain access to deep insights into the AI industry without hustling through the books or several websites.

We provide everything that you need to excel at AI


ISO Certifications

Certifications that make a difference!

ISO stands for international organization for standardization. This body is responsible for providing quality certifications to trained experts in the field.

This certification holds international acceptance and can be used for entering global organizations too.


Instructor-led Sessions

We deliver personalized sessions!

To ensure that every AI session at Inventateq is full of enthusiasm and interesting turns for the candidates, we provide instructor-led sessions online.

Instructor-led sessions ensure that you get real-time access to the best AI trainer in India to learn AI skills practically and to clear your doubts or indulge yourself in discussions.


We train our candidates in all kinds of non-technical skills including decision-making process, leadership skills, presentation techniques, and whatnot.
Let AI be your edge with the Best AI training institute in Bangalore.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI Skill Set

In the end, it's all about your skills!

Not only a certification, but the skills that you acquire during your sessions with Inventateq, the top AI institute in chennai with placements is something that counts in every interview.

From decision making to data analysis to real-time error assessment learn much-needed AI skills in no time.

And don’t worry, the skill training at Inventateq is not limited to technical skills only.

Be a part of a knowledgeable discussion or learn from it, you will get everything with Inventateq.

Register today to give an energetic start to your AI career with Inventateq!