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Artificial intelligence is leading, why?

Do you know that the official worth of the artificial intelligence industry is about 136.6 billion USD?

Imagine how many job opportunities this huge value industry holds. Since smart is the new style, the technology that makes the machines smarter is ruling the tech world today. But what exactly artificial intelligence is and why it is important.

Artificial intelligence gives the ability to convert robots into human-like assets. We can provide the ability to work with minimal human input and respond accurately.

There are more than one reasons to get yourself enrolled in the Berlin artificial intelligence courses and learn Artificial Intelligence courses online.

Artificial Intelligence

Amazing employment opportunities

The market for AI will increase to 1.8 trillion by the year 2030. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

One of the major reasons to enroll in an artificial intelligence course in Berlin is to unlock these opportunities and run up the success ladder.

Over 48% of companies in different sectors now believe that they will imply the concepts of AI in their workplace in the upcoming years.

This will not only improve the opportunities but also open the doors to industry-specific jobs for you. You can choose the industry that excites you the most!

Artificial Intelligence

Bring life into machines with AI

Turning machines to life is nothing less than a dream-come-true

Robotics is one of the most promising fields in the 21st century. The ability to convert machines into something more than just metal pieces has always been a moment of pride for all.

AI allows you to provide the ability to listen and respond to human commands with the help of advanced concepts.

From “Ok Google” to “hey Siri”, It is all a gift of AI. And what if we say that you can be the next voice behind Siri or google assistance?

Artificial Intelligence

Get a skill that every sector needs

Making lives easier

AI is the key to the convenient and easy lifestyle

You can now turn on/off your lights with a verbal command! Is it any less than a dream?

With various features of AI including voice recognition, thumbprint analysis, and other features, the life of humans has become much simpler.

You can apply concepts of AI to make tasks in day-to-day life easier and less complicated for you.

Work in making human lives practically dreamy by joining the AI learning classes in Berlin.

Artificial Intelligence

Handle huge data easily

Manage your huge data on your tips

As you know the world is running on data today! Do you think that you can handle this amount of data without advanced tools?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the biggest tech tools of the century that helps you to manage, analyze, organize, and use tons of data.

You can convert the biggest recourse i.e. raw data into your biggest asset with AI and its concepts. And there will never be scarcity in this resource!

No matter how big the pile of data your organization generates, AI can handle it all with just a click. That is why all the tech giants are using AI-based platforms for their data.

AI and machine learning courses in Berlin aid you in working with a huge amount of data.

Generate as much data as you want, AI can handle it all!

Artificial Intelligence

Get guidance from the geeks!

Our experts provide resume-building and network-building sessions to enhance your professional face value.

Be prepared for the world ahead!

With fruitful feedback from mock sessions, be prepared for the real-time interview. Our regular mock interview questions and answers in artificial intelligence ensure that you work on your weaker skills and enhance your strengths adequately.

From placement training to job placement, we will stay by your side!

Inventateq is not only with you till your training but also till you get the job openings for artificial intelligence you always dreamt of.
A special placement assistance team will be provided to you for the preparation of the interview, resume building, and all the other essential aspects.

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Course Curriculum

Learn AI Here!

Learn all the nits and grits of various AI aspects covered in our AI certification in Berlin. Our courses help you become industry experts.

You desire it, we provide it!

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Course Duration

Give a quick boost to your career with AI! Inventateq offers you a two-month data science course that can help you in excelling as a data scientist. This course is available with regular classes and a flexible schedule.


Online Training Mode

Learn AI from the comfort and convenience! Inventateq offers the best AI courses through online mode in different regions of the world. Our experts ensure that we build a comfortable environment for all to make Inventateq a happy learning place for you.


Certification From Experts

Get an ISO-approved certification in AI with Inventateq. This is the certification that counts!

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Unleash your best self with our experts

  • Inventateq offers you one of the most established mentors in the AI industry to achieve excellence. Dedicated to providing you with AI sessions based on real-time problem-solving assessments, Our expert works tirelessly to make AI training a fun learning for you. The trainer brings more than 10 years of experience on board.
Artificial Intelligence

Inventateq is the new AI spot!

Do you know why Inventateq is highly preferred by AI professionals or fresher candidates? Freshers can start their careers by joining internships in artificial intelligence.

Well, the answer lies in our quality and efficiency.

Course Highlights
  • A unique and efficient approach to AI training through instructor-led sessions
  • Online sessions by the professionals and experts of the AI industry
  • Concentration on the practical application of the concepts of AI
  • Explore different horizons of AI with our different modules
  • Use the latest and the most efficient tools for problem-solving in AI
  • Get 100% placement assistance along
  • Resume building, interview preparations, and much more under our best artificial intelligence course material to study online.

AI at Inventateq is more than just theory!

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Artificial Intelligence

Job Opportunities

Stuck in a job with minimal growth? Are you looking for a domain change or a faster-growing career option?

AI will save the day for you!

You can be a part of various industries and at several locations. You can also apply for posts covering numerous domains only by gaining expertise in AI!

There is no wonder why AI is called the skill of the century!

The AI industry is offering more than 130 million job opportunities to experts and newbies in the field, and this number is increasing day by day!

Would you prefer a 9-5 job Or a job that offers flexibility, smart work, career growth, and satisfaction?
The choice is clear!

Get your hands on more than just AI concepts with us!

Be overall smart with our unique training technique and interesting approach to the concepts.
We at Inventateq cover various corporate skills like how to answer interview questions, problem-solving, and many others.
Inventateq will make you job-ready with our special job-oriented courses.

Excel at the skills every company is asking for!

Artificial Intelligence

Inventateq offers a variety of modules covered in the artificial intelligence course syllabus
covering almost every aspect of the AI and ML field.

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Get a skill upgrade without leaving home

If you are a working professional, student, or simply a person looking for a skill update without stepping a foot out, Inventateq is your solution!

At Inventateq, a team of experienced and best AI trainers in India is driven to provide online AI sessions to all candidates.

We have curated different modules to cover all the essential fields of the AI industry and ML concepts. Through our interactive and interesting online sessions, learning AI is a fun task.

Join the path to success with a team of experts at Inventateq!

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Skills You Will Gain

Unfold each corporate skill with InventaTeq!

InventaTeq is not only focusing on providing skills related to Artificial intelligence. InventaTeq also teaches you skills related to your real life including Decision-making, building strategies, and team management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inventateq offers various courses starting from a two-month course. This course will cover all the essential concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Yes, data analysis is one of the major modules of AI training. Data analysis is one of the highest paying AI-based jobs with enormous opportunities.

Yes, there are different courses curated by a team of experts to fulfill your job-related requirements. With our Job Oriented artificial intelligence course in Berlin, you will be ready to appear and win your dream job in no time.

Artificial intelligence training in Berlin is one of the most appropriate and adequate AI training sessions. This course allows you to learn all the basics and advanced concepts of AI under one roof.

The online AI session in Berlin is a unique approach to training young minds in artificial intelligence without restricting them to physical classes. You can attain knowledge and skills from any corner of the world through your laptop or desktop.

AI training in Berlin is significant to catch up with the world. AI is a leading technology and it becomes significant for the professionals in this field to use this technology. It is widely used for the analysis of data, machine learning applications, and much more.

AI learning training Berlin is a specially designed course to provide insights into the leading technology i.e. AI, machine learning, data science, and others to the young minds and the professionals.

Top artificial intelligence institute in Chennai with placement, Inventateq provides you with the best AI can offer. We cover the practical, theoretical, and all other unique concepts of artificial intelligence. Not only the concepts, but we will also train you in applying them as well.


Enter the AI world with Inventateq!

Expert team of mentor

Every budding programmer, data analyst, and banker is inclined toward learning artificial intelligence which has ultimately increased its popularity.

Selecting the right mentor is the first and most important step to success. With Inventateq, you get a team of experts in AI technology and its application.

At Inventateq you get access to instructor-led sessions on AI that makes the learning process simpler and more interesting for all.


We offer what the world demands

The team of experts at Inventateq has designed the course curriculum with utmost dedication to detail.

You will have access to the exact skills and concepts that companies are demanding today.

Improve your chances of cracking your AI interview with us.


We are not your regular trainers!

With special instructor-led classes, Inventateq offers a unique and exciting approach to AI training.

You will be given regular assignments and test series to examine your growth and work on the lagging areas.


Job-Oriented Courses

The major concern of every aspirant is to secure a job that they dreamt of through skills. Inventateq helps you in securing a skill that enhances your chances of getting the job of your dreams.


With our 100% placement support policy, we ensure that you get your dream job right after your AI training course!
Join the best AI Training Institute in Bangalore.

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