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Why is Artificial intelligence important?

Thinking of Joining the AI League? Wondering what AI is and why is it important?

Do you know over 86% of the offices now report AI to be the major technology used for their company?

There is a hint of artificial intelligence in every component.Or you can say that every smart technology around you gets its “intelligence” from artificial intelligence.

Not only the gadgets but, all the sectors around the globe including groceries, teaching, tutoring, and others have been touched by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Career Building Tool

Light up your career path with AI

Do you know that AI is one of the most demanded tools in the tech world today?

With over 68% of the tech industries using AI as their mainstream technology, the career in AI looks brighter than ever.

Artificial Intelligence

Better pay scale

Get a 6-digit cheque every month

Do you know that the average salary of an AI engineer is around 93,000 USD PA? And this digit can go up to 108,617 USD, PA based on the years you spend in the field.

Entry level for the candidates who have received an artificial intelligence course in Australia begins with a 6-digit salary. Do you know that this digit is much higher than usual for graduates or even engineers?

With the ai learning course Australia in your dock, you can also expect this salary.

Artificial Intelligence

AI for a better user experience

Would you wish to be on a platform that is not at all user-friendly?

Have you ever wondered what makes a platform User-friendly? It’s the ability to catch the data and process it easily.

AI comes with the ability to handle huge amounts of data and provide insightful results for the same.

Even if you have tons of data generation on your platform, with the powerful components of AI, you can handle all the data in a blink of an eye.

Artificial Intelligence

AI helping world

The world is using AI, Are you?

Over billions of users, today are getting the benefits of Artificial intelligence. Have you ever wondered how you get groceries of your choice delivered to you within 10 minutes?

This is possible with artificial intelligence. Be a part of this new necessity ie artificial intelligence with AI learning class Australia.

Do you want to be the one who is left out? Join the course today and be a part of the game changers!

Artificial Intelligence

Be a part of the limelight in the tech world!

Get shortlisted with an impressive and expressive profile/resume built under the guidance of our expert team.

Imbibing the right interview skills is both our job and goal

Inventateq's team of experts is driven to make your corporate world ready through your skills.

100% Placement Assistance

We provide 100% placement support and assistance to all our candidates.

Inventateq, the top artificial intelligence institute in Chennai with Our 100% placement support ensures that your resume is appropriate and you are well-prepared for your next interview!

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Artificial Intelligence

Course Curriculum

We serve the best on your career platter!

Your hustle ends at the best online artificial intelligence training Australia by Inventateq. We offer the best artificial intelligence course syllabus that helps both beginners and working professionals.

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Course Duration

Be AI ready in two months!

Inventateq understands that you need a career boost sooner than later. We provide a special 2 months data science course that allows you to use AI and transform lives.


Online Training Mode

Sit back and become an AI expert!

With our instructor-led training by the experts, now become the expert in this field without stepping a foot out.

We play to provide your regular, uninterrupted, and interesting AI online sessions to make AI fun for you.


Certification From Experts

Certification that will get you to your dream job

Inventateq offers ISO-certified certifications that are well appreciated by the giants of the AI field.

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Be a pro at AI with the experts!

  • Inventateq AI trainer is experienced in the AI industry with high-quality standards. Our AI trainer has the exact form of expertise that is much needed to train young minds. Our best AI trainer in India keeps the highest quality training as a benchmark and delivers the best of what the industry offers.
Artificial Intelligence

Offering of AI courses

IGet skilled by the best at Inventateq!

The course is designed to fit the needs of one and all

Want to know how Inventateq will help you boost your career and enhance your growth?

Course Highlights

  • Team of driven experts of the AI Industry under one roof
  • Detailed instructor-led AI sessions
  • 100% placement assistance and performance surveillance
  • AI and machine learning course Australia with the best and latest tools

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning with AI to explore new levels

Can you imagine the wonders it will make when AI is paired with Machine learning for mankind?

You can use the functions of AI and ML to get accurate outcomes in the field of automation, gadgets, technology, and such domains.

These tools have the ability to provide field-specific accurate results for all the working domains. With AI learning in Australia, you can make your company’s work easier and more efficient.

AI is the skill every company need

Excel is a skill that everyone needs!

Today, more than 76% of companies are looking for candidates who have AI as their strong skill.

Do you know all that you need to do for being counted amongst the skilled AI professionals is attend artificial intelligence Classes Australia?

AI learning class in Australia helps you to develop this skill with excellence and add AI to your skill set column.

AI is not only the wish but the need of companies today. This is because AI comes with the ability to handle tasks and data without much human input.

Artificial Intelligence

Get your career on the right path with
Australia artificial intelligence

Does your career growth graph is moving slower than a snail or have stopped growing at all? Beginners can go for

Ai learning training Australia is just the thing you need to fuel it up!

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Job opportunities

Do you know over 83% of companies have kept AI as their major business plan in the upcoming years?

This will open enormous job opportunities for the experts in this field. Artificial intelligence lesson Australia will not only provide you access to the AI field but also helps you to excel at it.

Whether you are learning about AI or already working in the field, there is always scope for improvement. With AI lessons Australia you can learn various aspects of this technology more efficiently.

If you are stuck in your career and there is no milestone that you can think of, AI will open a new path for you.

The course design of artificial intelligence Australia will ensure that no component of AI is left untouched by you. You can get access to several specific modules to improve your skills.

Apply at the tech giants for the roles of :

  • Data scientists
  • Data analyst
  • AI engineer
  • NLP engineer
  • Machine learning expert
  • Researcher and many more!
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Unlock new horizons with machine learning and AI with Inventateq,

the best AI training institute in Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI certification is valid at most of the tech giants today. Also, it is required by the upcoming companies in this industry.

You can apply for several posts including

  • Data analyst
  • Researcher
  • Software engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Big data engineer
  • Business intelligent

In Australia, the average salary of AI engineers lies between 112,961 dollars per year and 94,687 dollars per year. The salary packages improve based on the years you spend gaining expertise in the skills

This course comprises all the significant components of the AI field and their application. You can attain excellence in this field with different modules and specific subjects of the industry.

AI learning by Inventateq allows you to access AI tutorials and online sessions from any part of the globe. Also, Australia-based companies offer a large number of opportunities to AI experts with valid certifications.

Training in AI is an important component most companies are looking for in their candidates. Inventateq provides you with certification by experts and enhances your knowledge of this sector.

You can register for your free demo to start your AI expert training at Inventateq. Our team will follow up with you and get the enrollment process started.

Yes, all you need to get trained in the AI sector is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology as the major domain.

It’s not essential to be exceptionally good at math for AI. However, understanding the basic concepts and advanced applications always makes the process simpler.


Kick-start your AI career with Inventateq

Inventateq is your solution

Inventateq courses are designed to provide you with all the specific components of AI and build a path to excellence for you.


Job orientedcourses

Once you enroll yourself at Inventateq, your job is our task, not yours!

Inventateq offers various job-oriented skills that help you to get your dream job easily.


Convenient learningformat

We ensure that you learn Artificial Intelligence Course Online with utmost efficiency and at a comfortable pace with our instructor-led sessions for AI.

Not only that, but learn and operate the latest tools with us to upgrade your skill set. We at Inventateq understand that every student learns at their own pace and with a unique approach.

Our convenient teaching format helps you to get AI training in flexible hours that fits just right in your schedule.



We are not only with you during the training but also with you will be able to access more job openings in artificial intelligence.

We provide regular sessions for your doubts, provide assignments to evaluate your growth, and interactive sessions to improve your understanding.


Get AI-Geared up with Inventateq today!

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Artificial Intelligence

Let Inventateq be your career booster!

The inclination of the majority of professionals in the tech industry towards AI has highlighted its importance.

You must be thinking about where you can enter this world of advanced technology.

Let Inventateq be the door for you to enter the world of artificial intelligence! Join the era of change today!

Inventateq is now available for all with various and the best artificial intelligence course materials to study online to convert your goals into your achievements.

Select the course that suits you and run to the world of excellence with us!

Get skilled with Inventateq

It’s all about skills!

Inventateq trains you with the professional skills that you will need to get your dream job. From your AI training to resume building and preparation of essential interview questions and answers in artificial intelligence, we cover it all for you.

With the Best artificial intelligence session Australia gets the skills that make your resume unique.