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What is SEO?
SEO is an algorithmic process which helps the search engine to rank the website based on the content, product and services on the different web pages of the website. This method is also referred to as a way to improve the unpaid or organic web traffic. Let us understand with an example. Suppose two shops are in the same location and serving the same services and products. Both have their webpages. The webpages being similar, but the content would be different. So the search engine will index the website based on the content of the page. The content here refers to how well organized the site is, how the relevant words or phrases have been used, how keywords have been phrased properly. Any search engine will rank the page whenever the relevant words or phrases are searched by the user. It may also target different searches like image search, academic search, news or video searches. SEO has two types namely on-page and off-page. In on-page, the contents available on your page matters and this is very much important. Offpage SEO majorly refers to all the action taken by the user to help in the promotion of the website thus increasing the rank of a webpage in a search engine. Building backlinks is one of the most important parts of off-page SEO but it is not all. Apart from the backlink, off-page SEO is influenced by your blogs, Social media pages, and influencer marketing as well. As the algorithm of Search engines keep changing and not completely disclosed no one can guarantee an SEO which will rank your page to number one. As SEO is an organic method it is very much necessary to understand that the page ranking in different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing follows different algorithms. The best way is to have great content on-page, and then create a good social media page where the customers get the satisfaction which will make them search your brand more often and your page will start ranking among the top in all search engines.
We can coin the term ‘SEO’ as ‘It is a method of marketing using Digital Technology’.

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Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is not only about search but it is also about the usability of the website. A good SEO practice improves the user experience which in turn makes the customer experience better and helps in customer loyalty. The SEO must be in a way to build loyalty towards the search engines without spamming, that will make the website rank higher and which will give success to any business.
In short, SEO is a tool to attract the customer who is genuine based on the correct information about the product and services and making the services better with their feedback. If the process is followed the website ranking will be at the maximum of the potential and the use of other social media will help in SEO as well.
How to Start SEO?
The first step towards SEO is choosing a web URL for your website. The URL must be relevant or very close to your organization name as it makes your company address in the digital world. Once you have finalized the URL, it is important to understand the structure of the website and the contents in it. The contents matter along with the use of keywords. The choice of keyword must be done in the customer’s perspective. Suppose you have a Salon, then the keyword hair is an obvious keyword which must be included but it does not omit other keywords like facial, massage, etc as your business demands. Based on your business, locality and other factors choose the right keywords and build your content around it.
Moreover, make sure there are no broken links on the page, be specific of what customers are going to read. Customers are not fond of fancy words for which they need a dictionary, they love simple English to understand the product. Keep the definitions and process as simple as possible. Once you are all set with your webpage, start your Social media pages, blogs and other tools and be ready to create proper backlinks as well. A broken backlink is the worst thing that you have on your page, so make sure to omit all these. Do not go for buying backlinks, once the search engine identifies it then you will land your web presence in deep trouble.
Scope of SEO as a Career.
With the growing searches in the search engine, SEO has become an integral part of digital marketing thus making it a good career option to choose. The use of the digital platform is increasing day by day. Every user is looking for a better SEO strategy to be followed so that their page crawls in the ranking of search engines to the top. The competition is quite high to rank the page, so better SEO executives with good writing skills and understanding the right tactics of Search Engine Optimization are high in demand. Learn the correct ethics and using it is the key to long-term SEO. The longer the SEO is built with proper ethical ways, it makes the impression much higher than that of short term SEO goals. Be sure to make an organic SEO strategy when you are in the practical world, it will give your career a boost to rise in the competition.
What our trainees have to say?
“I have learnt SEO from InventaTeq. The first thing that was taught to me was that SEO is both scientific method and art. In the beginning, I was confused with this statement but as the course progressed, I understood the art in SEO. I thanks Rahul Sir to help me understand the core concepts of SEO. He always emphasized learning ethics to perform SEO rather than just doing it. This has helped me in my professional career as well.”
- Sandhya N.