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What is Digital Marketing?
The phrase Digital Marketing contains two parts- Digital and Marketing. ‘Digital’ is an electronic technology that is used to produce, store, and transmit data or information from one point of contact to the other. Usually, the data is stored in a positive and non-positive state using Binary representations. ‘Marketing’ is the method in which an individual, company, firm, group etc. advertises their products or services using different medium and techniques to create a brand value or brand image among the public mass. This Brand Value, in turn, helps them to generate leads. These leads are later converted to sales by the means of different communication channel established between the customer and the seller to generate revenue. So digital marketing is a method of marketing through multiple online and offline digital channels like SMS, Website, Social Media Platforms, Television, Radio, Blogs etc. The digital marketing is differentiated by online marketing as it always need not go via the Internet, it can also transmit through other electronic/digital forms like SMS, TV, etc. Digital Marketing campaign comprises of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, e-commerce marketing, e-mail marketing, influencer marketing, e-books, optical disks, etc.
We can coin the term ‘DIGITAL MARKETING’ as ‘It is a method of marketing using Digital Technology’.

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Why Digital Marketing

In the fast-paced world to compete with the competitors an online presence has become like a pinch of salt in your lunch. If you are avoiding digital marketing, then you are only known to few or maybe in coming times, no one except your relations will know your business. So, to make your global presence it is very much necessary to go online. Going online not only makes you available on the internet but also gives you useful data about your competitor and their strategy to reframe yours. The advantage of going online or going digital is numerous but let us understand a few of them in depth.
Suppose you have a small shop in your locality and there is one more shop of the same standard in another lane. The other shop is advertising online and you do not advertise online. If a new product comes to your shop and his shop at the same time, then you will reach out to a printing media to make a pampalate or banner but the other shop owner can advertise it with few clicks on mobile and many of your customers will come to know that product is available with him not you even though it is with you as well. This is the power of a free advertisement and at a small level. Now you can think if you have 20 showrooms what would be the case.
Where to Start in Digital Marketing as a new player?
If you are still thinking, then to let you know digital marketing can be started with zero cost and once you find optimum results, you can start spending on it to increase the reach and brand awareness. In the beginning, you can start with Facebook posting or maybe texting about your products and offers to your valuable customers through SMS or WhatsApp. But as you grow do not forget to take advice from experts may be a digital marketing agency, consultant or an expert because when you expand your budget you need a piece of good advice also. It is always better to plan, strategise, target, achieve and then redo the process for better results.
Once you start advertising online, create a good landing website, get your customer to follow you through social media, start blogging, reach out to the customer through online platforms or by offline modes of digital marketing like SMS or Television advertisement. In the beginning, it will take some time but yes once you are set you need to continue else your customers will be left out and they will start following your competitors.
Scope of Digital Marketing as a Career.
By this time, you would have understood the big picture of digital marketing. As the aspect of marketing is changing and people tend to go online they also need to focus on the betterment of their quality of product otherwise digital platform can give negative feedback as well. So, the clients need a good adviser and digital marketer. Opportunities in digital marketing are huge and numerous. You can choose Digital Marketing as a career and contribute as a Web Developer, Content Writer, App Developer, Campaign creator, Data Analyser, Google Ad creator, Video advertiser, Influence Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, etc. The whole world of scope is available in the Digital Marketing platform. Choose the best for yourself. You can also get certified on different Digital Marketing certification issued by Google, Microsoft, IBM etc. You can always join Digital Marketing courses online and offline. One can start with a few of the free certificates from Google and learn advanced techniques from online or offline courses provided by multiple institutes like InventaTeq. The scope is endless and opportunities are infinite, just get going to achieve more. Enter like a student and exit as a profession in the Digital Marketing era.
Certifications in Digital Marketing
- Google AdWords Certification
- Google Analytics Certification
- HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
- HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
- Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification
- Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer
- Facebook Blueprint Certification
- YouTube Certification
- Content Marketing Certification
- Email Marketing Certification
- Marketing Automation Certification
- Landing Page and Conversion Optimization Certification
- Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP)
- LinkedIn Digital Marketing Certificate
The list of certification continues. It is your call to take, understand and analyze how you can be a part of the changing market trends from Old methods of marketing (hoarding, pamphlet distribution, announcement, etc) to New methods of marketing (Facebook marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Website, etc)
What our trainees have to say?
“I joined InventaTeq to learn SEO. The lectures were really easy to understand. I got complete training through the demo and online projects. After the training, I got placed with 3 companies. I am very happy and want to thank Rahul sir for giving me this opportunity to explore and learn”
- G. Patro