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Why learn the course?

Did you know?

More than 70,00,00,000 transactions were recorded in 2015!

Cryptocurrency is blooming through the international markets more than ever. With this, the existing blockchain systems have experienced a hike in total transactions. Thus, leading to a surge in the demand for blockchain experts. The experts clearly state that it is the best time to learn what is blockchain and why it is important?

Artificial Intelligence

Sea of Opportunities

Opportunities for blockchain systems have increased multiple folds in the previous few years! Different companies are using blockchain today to manage and monitor their cryptocurrency exchange. It is highly used by companies working in the cyber security domain which makes it a treasure of opportunities for all. Even if you are a fresher for this stream, your future in blockchain systems is quite bright.

Artificial Intelligence

A Demanding Certification

The demand for blockchain experts is at its peak!

With leading companies getting involved in blockchain systems maintenance and generation, the demand for experts in this field is very high. You can easily apply to the global companies for blockchain technology and systems based on your skills and expertise. For various companies, it is mandatory to hold a valid certification to join their team.

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Better Pay Scale

Earn in 6 digits with an accurate set of skills

Are you still looking for a way to add an extra zero or double zero to your pay cheque? For that, all you need is the right certification and useful skills. Complete the blockchain certification Training in Toronto to convert your mediocre salary to a fatty pay cheque.

Artificial Intelligence

Boost Your Business

A secure and efficient tool for monitoring transaction

Blockchain is a leading choice of different industries due to its enhanced features. It offers accurate and efficient tools for data security and transparency which makes it quite useful for tracking transactions online. With this tool, you can easily work with the data from your business and boost your workflow and ensure higher data security.

Artificial Intelligence

Profile building

A glance at your CV is all it takes to get selected!

Amongst hundreds of applicants willing to work with the tech giants, there must be something that helps you take an extra edge. InventaTeq helps you develop a detailed CV based on which you can easily apply to global companies and enhance your chances of getting selected by the giants.

Interview Preparation

Learn tactics to crack interview questions and answers in blockchain!

Apart from delivering quality training to the students, our experts provide you access to interview preparation sessions. During these sessions, you will get involved in several exercises to work on your soft skills and personality development.

100% placement assistance

From form filling to placement procedure, get expert access at all stages!

InventaTeq offers 100% placement support from a dedicated team of professionals. Our team will provide you with detailed information about placement processes. With the help of tie-ups in more than 150 different-sized companies, InventaTeq provides you with placement opportunities under the guidance of industry experts.

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Course Curriculum

Blockchain course syllabus covering all domains

InventaTeq blockchain course in Toronto is designed in such a diverse manner to appropriately cover blockchain systems in different domains.

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Course Duration

Be blockchain ready in just 2 months!

InventaTeq provides you with advanced training in blockchain tools in less than 2 months. Unbelievable right? But, it is true! InventaTeq experts provide you with a detailed course designed to be completed in less than 8 hours with the help of regular online sessions and best blockchain course material to study online.


Online Training Mode

Online sessions are the new normal for the excellent training

If you wish to upgrade your skills and enter the blockchain industry but the limitation of time is restricting you, this course will save the day for you. InventaTeq provides you access to online Instructor-led sessions that you can attend on the go!


Certification From Experts

Get your skill excellence assured by the experts

Once you complete your blockchain training in Toronto, get an ISO-Approved certification from the experts.

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Advanced training by the industry expert!

  • What is better than acquiring knowledge and skills from an experienced professional with over 8 years of experience?
    InventaTeq offers you detailed online sessions by an experienced and devoted professional to provide you with blockchain industry aspects and advanced training. Learn various domain-specific details of blockchain with an industry expert with practical experience in training more than 5,000 students.
Artificial Intelligence

What will you learn in this course?

An advanced course for a better tomorrow!

Key highlights:

  • Instructor-led training by industry giants
  • Regular mock interview sessions to prepare well
  • A short-term course for 8 weeks
  • Blockchain resume sample for freshers
  • Detailed hands-on training in the latest blockchain tools
  • Domain-specific learning to ensure a detail-oriented course
  • Internship for blockchain engineering students
  • Access to various live projects throughout the course

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Blockchain certification is for one and All!

Today blockchain is one of the leading industries spread around the globe. From the beginners to the trained ones, every professional has a bright future in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Global companies are actively hiring blockchain-trained candidates based on their skills, interest, and enthusiasm. Join the leading teams with the right skill in your CV.

Unfold every aspect of the blockchain

From primary cryptocurrency to the leading trends, know blockchain inside out with us!

Blockchain systems are quite interesting yet complicated for the freshers. However, with InventaTeq detailed courses you can now cover every blockchain concept from scratch. Our experts believe in building a strong foundation to help you grow and become a successful blockchain expert!

Artificial Intelligence

The majority of MNCs are using Blockchain tools. Make your place in the globally leading teams with blockchain learning in Toronto now!

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Over 83 million people are currently using blockchain systems and tools. It's the right time to join the market with the tech giants. Register today at the Top blockchain training institute in Chennai with placement and experience the taste of success!

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Skills You Will Gain

Deal with different blockchain tools easily

Learning concepts of blockchain systems is incomplete without learning their application. InventaTeq experts ensure that you learn every blockchain system concept theoretically and practically during your certification training in the blockchain. Become a well-versed professional with the help of advanced training from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for various job profiles like blockchain engineer, blockchain developer, management roles, and more with this training.

You can earn more than 50 USD per hour while working as a blockchain developer in Canada.

Blockchain courses in Toronto are worth attending given the increased scope of blockchain in developed countries.

Fundamental modules covering basics to advanced tool training, you will find several modules in this course.

Having coding knowledge is always beneficial to learn additional skills and tools of blockchain. However, the course will cover all the concepts from scratch as well.

Learning blockchain is a complex process that you can resolve based on your knowledge of accounts, coding, technology, and others.

You can easily complete your training with InventaTeq experts in less than two months.

Various companies in Toronto require blockchain certification and advanced training to allow candidates to join their teams.

InventaTeq offers 100% placement assistance to assure a convenient and easy placement process.

During these sessions, you can work on different technical aspects which you might require to crack your interview with the tech giants.


Partnering With InventaTeq

InventaTeq is the epicenter of excellence!

If you are looking for a blockchain placement Institute in Toronto with an excellent training facility, put your mind at ease with InventaTeq. Our detailed sessions cover all the blockchain tools with accuracy and efficiency


Hands-on Training

Learn to work with blockchain tools efficiently!

InventaTeq experts provide you with online training covering several blockchain tools in detail. During these training sessions, you can easily learn the applications and usage of blockchain tools. Also, you can gain practical insight to apply these concepts directly in your real-time problems.


Interactive online sessions

InventaTeq online sessions are the opposite of boring!

With the help of instructor-led lessons at InventaTeq, you can engage yourself in interactive sessions for blockchain tools. These sessions provide you an opportunity to get your doubts resolved within the session and efficiently discuss your ideas with your mentor. Interact with your peers and mentors to widen your knowledge band further.


Industry-specific live projects

Learn the industry-specific tools with practical application!

Grab the golden opportunity to complete multiple industry-related projects under expert guidance at InventaTeq. These projects help you develop various skills and learn the application of some specific tools in detail. Also, you will get familiar with the challenges faced as blockchain experts and how you can resolve them with the help of learned tools.


Gone are the days when online sessions were limited to zoom meetings! Join the blockchain revolution today!

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Artificial Intelligence

Training Methodology

Success is an outcome of hard work and the right approach!

InventaTeq provides you an advanced and well-planned training to explore different applications of blockchain. Our trainers ensure that you get appropriate chances to learn vivid applications of blockchain in different industries with the help of real-time problem statements.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Learning never stops at InventaTeq!

From helping you in developing technical skills to simultaneously working on your soft skills, InventaTeq has got your back!

InventaTeq blockchain online lessons in Toronto are all you need to become an expert.