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Why learn the course?

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10% of the total global population today owns cryptocurrency. Hence they are widely affected by the blockchain

With a high rate of investments and transactions using cryptocurrency, the blockchain system is popular amongst tech geeks more than ever. However, the availability of Blockchain experts and certified professionals is still a huge riddle for companies to solve.

Take a step ahead to learn what blockchain is and why it is important!

Artificial Intelligence

Lack of Blockchain Experts

Today, various global companies are hiring freshers as well as experienced professionals for different technical posts at their companies. However, many such tech giants have kept valid blockchain training and certification under the necessary certification pile. Hence, to make sure you get into the tech giants you have to make sure you have valid blockchain certification.

With time, blockchain has gained immense popularity and credibility. This has increased the demand for this technology in the industry. Moreover, this demand for blockchain technology is going to increase in the coming future and will open wider opportunities for people.

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Diverse Job Profile

From developers to managerial posts, get the right job with the right training!

In different companies spread around the different regions of the world, there are many posts available for blockchain experts. Job domains like blockchain architect, blockchain developer, blockchain engineer, and much more. Every such post is open with the right skill in hand and for excellence. Get to know about job openings for blockchain and the salary range of various profiles.

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Blockchain is a Futuristic Skill

Catch up with the advanced technologies and concepts of blockchain

Today, cryptocurrency is called a revolution in the tech world with advanced technology. Since this field is growing at a much faster rate than ever, the opportunities for blockchain-certified professionals will be quite high in the upcoming years. It is one of the most advanced skills used by tech experts today and hence has a bright future in different regions of the world.

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Join the Tech Giants

More than 60% of the MNCs today are using blockchain technology

Bitcoins have entered every second domain today. As a result of which you can experience the hike in demand for blockchain experts in several MNCs around the globe. Various tech giants are looking forward to expanding their teams and offering attractive salary packages to trained blockchain experts.

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Profile building

Attract the right job profiles with interesting profile

Experts at InventaTeq conduct several profile-building sessions. During these sessions, you will get to learn the tips and tricks to make your CV engaging and help you generate an appealing portfolio. Get highlighted amongst thousands of applicants with presentable and attractive CVs and portfolio.

Interview Preparation

We groom you to get placed at the right company!

Be prepared to answer the diverse and detailed questions asked by the interviewers under the guidance of experts. Our experts ensure that you get a real-time experience of interviews to be prepared for the interviews with the giants. Various practical and theoretical concepts are asked during our mock interviews making them fruitful and rewarding.

100% placement assistance

Your placement is our job!

Get access to a team of dedicated and experienced experts to help you throughout the hiring process. Our team helps you get into the interview questions and answers in blockchain, schedule one on one interactions with interviewers, arrange various documents and applications, and much more. This ensures that you get placed at your dream company with the least hustle.

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Course Curriculum

An integrated course for all domains

blockchain course syllabus for the blockchain course in Munich is quite diverse. It covers different approaches to resolve real-time problems.

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Course Duration

A short-term course for a long-term success

All you need is a two-month job-oriented blockchain course in Munich by InventaTeq to boost your career and reach heights. We provide a short-term integrated course to cover all the blockchain tools and training components in a given time frame.


Online Training Mode

Start your blockchain journey of success from home!

If you are willing to upscale your career without stepping a foot out of your home, online blockchain training in Munich is the right step to success for you.

Transform your professional life with a single click on the mouse.


Certification From Experts

Gain blockchain brilliance with industry experts

InventaTeq offers a globally accepted certification by experts. This certification put a strong foot forward to join the tech giants.

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Learn from the expert to excel

  • InventaTeq provides you with Top blockchain learning in Munich by an industry expert. Throughout the course duration, you can attend several one-to-one sessions with your mentor to learn from an experienced professional. The inventaTeq expert has in-depth knowledge of concepts with experience in more than 100 live projects completed. Our expert holds around 8 years of corporate experience.
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What will you learn in this course?

Your one-stop solution for Blockchain training

Key highlights:

  • Interactive sessions by industry expert
  • Diverse modules to cover different blockchain tools
  • Multiple live blockchain projects for beginners in the same course
  • Best blockchain course study material
  • Industry-specific real-time projects for all
  • Blockchain resume samples for freshers
  • Interactive preparation and development sessions

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

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Blockchain learning is for one and All!

From beginners to pros, blockchain training by InventaTeq is for all

Blockchain is well open for freshers and professionals looking forward to changing their industry or domain. Learn every detail of the blockchain system and tools with the experts from the initial level. Get a chance to learn from the best blockchain trainers in India to learn AI skills practically!

Unfold every aspect of the Blockchain system

Learn various aspects of blockchain with a diverse curriculum

Our systematic approach covers different topics of blockchain and also provides hands-on training in different tools. Learn different applications of theories through live projects under expert guidance. From fundamentals to advanced key points, get access to diverse informative modules with our versatile curriculum.

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Book a free demo Online blockchain session in Munich today to become an expert from home.

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Looking for a skill upgrade? Blockchain tools training by InventaTeq is all you need to level up in your career. Sign up today for the course and become a blockchain-certified professional today.

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Skills You Will Gain

Master the blockchain tools and skills with our experts.

Gain practical knowledge of concepts, theories, problem statements, and much more in detail with InventaTeq. These modules provide you with knowledge of several blockchain tools, their working, their real-time applications, and other associated details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Munich is one of the fastest developing regions in the tech domain. With increasing opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain, Munich is one of the best places to pursue this course.

Online sessions to cover different blockchain tools and concepts help you to upscale your skills from the comfort of your home. InventaTeq offers engaging and interactive sessions to make learning fun for all

These sessions help you gain insights into the blockchain system and its working. You will get in-depth knowledge about this concept through such sessions.

After graduation, every student wished to be placed in a well-established organization. This certification will open global opportunities for you.

It does not necessarily signify that you belong to a mathematical background to learn blockchain. However, having basic knowledge will always be beneficial.

Coding is one of the few requirements that will ensure you learn blockchain easily. InventaTeq helps you learn all the blockchain tools in detail from scratch.

Various topics and modules including fundamentals, applications, architecture, and much more will be covered in this course.

You can join this training course as soon as you have completed your elementary education and learned coding basics.

The Job Oriented blockchain classes in Mountain View will teach you various applications of blockchain tools promoting your job profile.

The salary of a blockchain developer ranges from 1490EUR to 5150EUR annually depending on your skills, certification, and experience.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Unlock the Best blockchain learning and training in Munich

InventaTeq is all you need to learn the insights to operate blockchain tools with utmost excellence and efficiency.

End your search for the top blockchain training in Munich with the experts of InventaTeq.


ISO-Approved certification

Get a globally accredited certification

InventaTeq offers you access to an ISO-Approved certification. This certification allows you to apply at companies on a global level. All the tech giants accept an ISO-Approved certification and also consider it as an indication of your excellence and skills.


Diversified modules

Cover every nook and corner of the Blockchain with us

InventaTeq experts have designed the syllabus of the Munich blockchain classes with different unique modules. Different concepts of Blockchain are covered in these modules in depth. Our experts ensure that you learn the theoretical and practical approach of each blockchain concept individually.


Portfolio building sessions

Express to impress with your professional portfolio

InventaTeq experts provide access to interactive sessions in which the industry experts explain various components of the portfolio. These sessions will help you build a professional portfolio based on which you can apply at different companies and showcase your skills to the interviewer.


Become a blockchain leader with the right training. Join the blockchain training in Munich by experts to begin your blockchain journey!

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Training Methodology

An advanced and structured way to achieve excellence

With the help of our experienced team and a structured curriculum learn different details of the blockchain concepts. From scratch to advanced tools, learn every step of the blockchain mechanism with the InventaTeq detailed course. Get access to instructor-led sessions by industry experts to learn the practical application of concepts.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

InventaTeq is all you need to excel at Blockchain

InventaTeq provides you the opportunity to develop your overall personality and skills using the practical approach of our experts. From resume, and building to interview preparations, be ready to face the tech giants with the right skills and advanced training. Get insights into world-class training with the latest techniques and tools to boost your career.