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Why Join Blockchain Training?

Did you know?

The transaction rate on blockchain per second in June was nearly 2.58!

Yes, you heard it right! Such frequent transactions are carried out on blockchain which clearly implies that blockchain is the future of transactions. So, if you still haven’t learnt blockchain, certainly, you are missing out on a major opportunity!

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Validate Your Skills

Learn blockchain course online and validate your skills as it implies that you have been through a complete course and have completed all your projects. This gives the employer confidence that you are well-versed in all the use cases of blockchain.

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Structured Way Of Learning

Another major reason for joining blockchain training is that training curriculums follow a standard and structured approach which makes it easier for even beginners to grasp the technology. This also gives you a sneak peek into what is blockchain and why it is important?

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Flourishing Career

Training for blockchain helps you move towards a flourishing career. A well-designed and reputed course will prepare you for facing the corporate world and working on live projects. This opens a lot of career opportunities for you. You will also get to know about job openings in blockchain and the salary ranges.

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Learning Cryptocurrency

Although blockchain is not only about cryptocurrency, blockchain is a major part of it. Therefore, going through blockchain training will help you learn more about cryptocurrency as well.

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Profile building

In-depth training and expert insights!

Get complete expert assistance when it comes to learning and implementing blockchain technology. InventaTeq provides you with an extensive range of industry-specific good blockchain projects for beginners and use cases to choose from and work on.

Interview Preparation

Get Mentorship from real interviewers!

Take part in real-life interviews and get a chance to learn from real interviewers. They will make you well-equipped with basic interview etiquette and skills with which you can crack even the toughest interview.

100% placement assistance

Access to all the necessary guidance to get placed in top firms!

What makes InventaTeq’s session the Best blockchain session in Los Angeles is the placement assistance that they come along with. The team will help you prepare for your interview, arrange job affairs and more to help you connect with top companies and get placed.

Our Hiring Partners

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Course Curriculum

Industry in-line case studies with best blockchain course material!

What makes InventaTeq the Top blockchain training institute in Chennai with placement is its curriculum.

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Course Duration

Train, implement, evaluate and Repeat!

At InventaTeq, we provide you with a comprehensive course of 2 months. In this 2-months course, the trainers provide you with the best blockchain course material to study online, live projects and use cases, and provide feedback to help you improve and grow.


Online Training Mode

Bring learning to you rather than going to learn!

With InventaTeq’s blockchain Online session in Los Angeles, you can now begin learning at your own pace. These online sessions provide you with the flexibility to gain skills whenever you want.


Certification From Experts

Validate your skills!

At the end of your blockchain session in Los Angeles, you will get an expert certification with better projects.

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Students Who Loved Us

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Insights of a seasoned subject matter expert!

  • Our trainer is a world-renowned blockchain expert with a specialization in supply chain management. He is currently focused on incorporating blockchain and decentralized transactions in supply chain management to make the whole process more secure and transparent. As a member of InventaTeq, he ensures to deliver and impart his practical skills to passionate learners in his blockchain class in Los Angeles. The learner stands tall among the best trainers in India to learn AI skills practically.
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What will you learn in this course?

A course designed by the world’s leading blockchain practitioners!

Key highlights:

  • Get career assistance to choose the best career for yourself
  • 24x7 student-dedicated support to help you resolve queries
  • Work on live projects to build a profile
  • blockchain course in Los Angeles with placement
  • Access to live and recorded sessions
  • Internship for blockchain engineering students
  • Experienced trainers with an extensive background in blockchain
  • online blockchain training in Los Angeles to provide you with learning flexibility

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Blockchain learning in Los Angeles is for one and All!

Considering that each student has different expectations and requirements from the course, our team has come up with a unique and well-designed curriculum that fits everyone. The course curriculum explains every blockchain-related concept in such a way that students can easily understand and relate it with previously taught concepts.

Best blockchain learning training in Los Angeles

If you are wondering why InventaTeq’s blockchain course is the best in Los Angeles, there’s not only one reason for it. Whether it is about industry-specific training, rigorous curriculum, 2-months of comprehensive training, or placement support, everything makes InventaTeq’s course perfect for all.

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Get a chance to learn with the best blockchain training institute in Bangalore with fun hands-on assignments and exercises with InventaTeq!

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Are you looking for a blockchain placement training institute in Los Angeles?

Then stop right here and contact InventaTeq!

Get access to our Online blockchain session in Los Angeles and start learning blockchain from your home. At the same time, take part in our job fairs, mock interviews and mock tests to become a suitable candidate for your next employer!

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Skills You Will Gain

Accelerate the Growth of Your Career And Upskill Yourself!

InventaTeq’s Job Oriented blockchain course in Los Angeles prepares you to move ahead with the career that you deserve. Not only this, the team will help you enhance your personality and knowledge at the same time to get hired in top MNCs.

Frequently Asked Questions

InventaTeq provides you with hands-on training and helps you become a blockchain expert by building a strong practical foundation of the technology. Moreover, on course completion, you will also get an industry-recognised certification which will help you get better salaries and jobs.

To get blockchain certification, you will have to first enrol in blockchain training classes in Los Angeles. Complete the course and a project to get evaluated by the team of experts. Based on the evaluation, you will be provided with a certificate.

If you are interested in enrolling in the course, you can send us a query through the form available on the website. Other than this, you can also contact us at the phone numbers provided.

InventaTeq provides you with both recorded sessions and live classes. You can choose to attend the session as per your comfort and if you miss attending a session, you can watch the recorded session.

The duration of InventaTeq’s course is 2 months. However, you get access to recorded sessions so you can also learn blockchain at your speed.

Yes, even if you are a fresher or a beginner, this blockchain training course will be beneficial for you. The course covers everything from scratch to advanced concepts.

In these blockchain sessions, you will gain a deep understanding of all blockchain concepts including its architecture, introduction, smart contracts, consensus mechanism, and transaction mechanism.

In instructor-led blockchain training, you will be assigned a mentor who will conduct one-on-one sessions with you to teach you. These sessions will help you interact with your mentor freely.

C++ is generally used in blockchain technology. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to have at least a basic understanding of C++ programming language.

With our 100% placement support, interview sessions and 150+ hiring partners, we ensure to provide you with blockchain placements.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Result-driven and Job Oriented blockchain classes in Los Angeles!

At InventaTeq, we are working to provide you with results, not just knowledge. With our result-driven approach, we attempt to ensure that each of our students builds their career in the right direction and has all the job-ready skills!


Career Assistance

Get career assistance from industry leaders and choose the right path for you!

InventaTeq stands tall as a Top blockchain learning in Los Angeles because of its experienced faculty. The faculty also provides you with career assistance to help you choose the right career path for you. The team will understand your expectations, strengths and weaknesses and will then only guide you through a career path.


Hands-On Learning

Improve your implementation skills by working on real-life situations!

InventaTeq’s blockchain learning course in Los Angeles focuses more on providing you with practical training rather than just teaching you what’s written in the books. Choose from a list of all the industry-specific projects available and get a chance to work on them and polish your skills.


Dedicated Support Team

Get your doubts resolved instantly from the support team!

We provide you with a dedicated support team to help you clear your doubts regarding anything at any time of the day. You can send the team a query and they will help you resolve your issues as soon as they receive the query.


Have an opportunity to access all the live online blockchain certification training classes in Los Angeles, placement support, and job fairs by enrolling in the blockchain course by InventaTeq.

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Training Methodology

Lay a solid foundation for your career with practical training!

InventaTeq’s trainers follow a combined or mixed approach in their blockchain certification training in Los Angeles. With their hands-on training, they make you well-equipped in implementing the use cases of blockchain technology on real-life projects. The curriculum includes industry-specific use cases to ensure that the course fits well for students from every industry.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Mock tests, interview preparation, student support or self-paced learning videos; get everything you need in a single platform!

Upgrade your blockchain skills with InventaTeq and get a chance to learn from the experience of industry leaders!

Sign up today for blockchain certification training courses in Los Angeles and master all industry-relevant cryptocurrency and blockchain skills!