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Why Get Blockchain Certified?

Did you know?

There is an expected 40% of growth in the blockchain IoT market from 2021 to 2026!

IoT and blockchain have a long way to go! Moreover, not only IoT, blockchain can be incorporated with other advanced technologies as well. With this smoother integration of blockchain with the latest technologies, companies prefer to integrate it into their operations.

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Stay Updated

Certification courses are generally designed as per the requirements and latest trends of the industry. Therefore, taking up a blockchain class in Singapore helps you stay updated on the recent crypto and blockchain market trends.

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Future Technology

The futuristic potential of blockchain technology is what attracts most students. Blockchain has completely changed the older methods of transaction. In today’s scenario more than 0.5% of the population uses blockchain which is approximately equal to 3.77 billion people.

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Wider Opportunities

Blockchain technology opens a lot of career opportunities for candidates however, getting certified increases your chances of grabbing those opportunities. It implies your ability to work on blockchain technology and implement it in the real world.

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Improved Appeal

Another reason why most candidates join blockchain Classes in Singapore is that a certification validates your skills. With this certification, your chances of being noticed by top employers are improved.

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Profile building

Master the essential topics and algorithms by working on live projects!

We introduce you to multiple industry-specific projects throughout your Singapore blockchain classes. You can choose a project as per your industry and profile and work on it. Add that project to your portfolio to make it stronger.

Interview Preparation

Prepare for interviews with real interviewers!

During your blockchain certification training classes in Singapore, we train you on the methods to prepare for interviews as well. Our industry experts create stimulated interviews and provide unbiased feedback to help you improve your interview skills. You can join hands with the best trainers in India to learn AI skills practically!

100% placement assistance

Begin your career in the right direction with experts!

At InventaTeq, we offer a complete placement assistance program to help you start your career in the field of blockchain technology. With our practical-based Singapore blockchain training, mock interviews, and resume building, we ensure that you start your career in the right direction.

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Course Curriculum

Expert-designed and industry-relevant curriculum!

The blockchain course syllabus is designed by industry leaders as per the recent trends of the industry to help you keep your skillset updated.

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Course Duration

2 months worthy training for a brighter future!

Unlike other courses, InventaTeq provides you with a comprehensive course of 2 months. This 2 months training covers all the theory and practical aspects of blockchain and that is what makes us the Top blockchain institute in Chennai with placement.


Online Training Mode

Online learning is now a big thing!

Begin your learning journey from your home and get the flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime with our online learning platform. We are your perfect answer on; how to learn a blockchain course online?


Certification From Experts

Get the attention of top industry leaders!

Grab the best blockchain placement in Singapore with an industry-recognised certificate from industry leaders.

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Join the realm of emerging tech leaders with existing tech leaders!

  • Starting his journey as a blockchain developer 15 years back, our trainer is a renowned developer in the industry. Backed by his experience, he has an adequate knowledge of blockchain technology including all the advanced and basic concepts. Other than this, he is well equipped with all the programming languages, skills and tools that you need to use as a blockchain developer. He will also help you in making you aware about interview questions and answers in blockchain.
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What will you learn in this course?

Accelerate your learning experience with best blockchain training institute in Bangalore!!

Key highlights:

  • Application-based training
  • Blockchain resume samples for beginners
  • Mock interviews conducted by real interviewers
  • Dedicated support team available 24x7
  • Recorded sessions to revise the topics
  • One-on-one instructor-led doubt sessions
  • Resume building as per industry standards
  • Internship for blockchain engineering students
  • Best online blockchain learning training in Singapore

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Blockchain courses in Singapore are for one and All!

Get access to expert-designed courses at InventaTeq to proficiently master blockchain technology. The team designs the course in a very well-thought manner and ensures that each topic or concept is related to the topic taught previously. This makes it easy for a beginner as well as a working professional to learn about the technology.

Job-Oriented blockchain Classes in Singapore

Get access to job-oriented training by signing up for blockchain training with InventaTeq. We offer you a blockchain course in Singapore with placement to help you start your career once you are certified. The course covers all the important training lessons required to start working on real-life projects and use cases of blockchain.

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Become a part of the decentralized world by joining the Best blockchain session in Singapore and learn each aspect of blockchain technology

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Are you wondering What is the best Online blockchain session in Singapore?

Seems like you have not checked out InventaTeq courses till now!

Well, if you haven’t, do not wait anymore and explore the blockchain course offered by experts at InventaTeq. The course is designed by the expert team to help you become an expert in only 2 months.

Get started with learning online blockchain in Singapore with InventaTeq and become certified!

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Skills You Will Gain

Relevant skills related to the growing trends of blockchain!

In InventaTeq’s blockchain online lessons in Singapore, you will learn every aspect of blockchain including the basics of blockchain, transaction mechanism, blockchain architecture, smart contracts, Ethereum blockchain, and consensus mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join this blockchain course, there are no prerequisites. The course is designed to help beginners and professionals who wish to learn about blockchain even if they do not have prior knowledge of it. However, if you have an understanding of a programming language, it will certainly be beneficial for you.

The duration of this blockchain learning course is 2 months. Moreover, with self-paced learning videos and recorded sessions, you can learn blockchain at your own pace.

Blockchain technology is in demand in almost every industry. However, it is still a quite new technology and learning it on your own will only take up a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is always a better idea to learn from experts who have been working in the industry.

Blockchain technology is one of the trends and required technology in the tech industry. Most companies are now switching to the blockchain. This is why to meet the needs of future jobs, it is important to sign up for blockchain online sessions in Singapore and learn blockchain.

After learning blockchain, you can pursue a career as a blockchain consultant, blockchain developer or blockchain researcher. However, you must know that each of these roles has its own requirements.

This blockchain training course will teach you all the basics of blockchain, transaction mechanism, requirements of blockchain in the industry, consensus mechanism and the architecture of blockchain.

InventaTeq designs its course as per the requirements of the industry and trains you accordingly. The team of InventaTeq comprises the industry’s top leaders who can help you learn as per industry standards.

To enrol in the blockchain course, you can reach out to our support team via the contact form available on the website or call us at the contact details provided.

Candidates who are interested in exploring blockchain technology whether they are working professionals or beginners can enrol for this blockchain training course.

Yes, you will get certified at the end of this online blockchain course.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Crack your dream job with top-rated certification courses in Singapore!

At InventaTeq, learning is a lot more than just knowing things. Here, we train you for doing things that you are being taught. InventaTeq provides you a lot more than your basic blockchain certification training in Singapore and prepares you to face the outside world.


Mentor Connect

Connect with your mentor directly in one-on-one sessions!

Get access to InventaTeq’s one-on-one online blockchain session in Singapore and communicate with your mentor without any issues. In these sessions, you will be assigned a trainer who will train you as well as will help resolve any issues that you may face.


Application-Based Learning

Work on case studies and live projects to make a stronger foundation of blockchain technology!

At InventaTeq, we follow an application-based learning approach in which we train you on the basis of live projects and use cases. In this blockchain online training in Singapore, we focus on both theory and practical applications in a balanced way to help you master the implementation of blockchain technology.


Free Demo Class

Take a demo class and experience our training methodology!

At InventaTeq, we give you the flexibility to book a free demo blockchain lesson in Singapore so that you can know better about our training methods and get in touch with our trainers. This helps you get a better understanding of how things work at InventaTeq and how you can attend your classes.


Pave your path for a flourishing career in the field of blockchain with InventaTeq’s Job Oriented blockchain course in Singapore. Learn the fundamentals and blockchain intermediary concepts of blockchain and build a strong learning experience at your home only.

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Training Methodology

Fun-filled and super interactive sessions conducted by experienced trainers!

Grab the opportunity to learn something new with each new blockchain session in Singapore with InventaTeq. The team of InventaTeq ensures to keep all the sessions interactive and filled with knowledge to enable you to learn in a positive environment. Moreover, the trainers also help you implement the concepts of blockchain as well as help you to work on live projects for better profile building.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Be among the first few developers to make a jump to web 3.0 with blockchain technology and transform the way the internet works!

Join the comprehensive blockchain certification training courses in Singapore by InventaTeq and master the blockchain concepts in only two months!

Send us your query and tell us your requirements to choose the best course for you!