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Why Get Blockchain Certified?

Have you heard of it?

With the help of blockchain, financial institutions can reduce approximately $12 billion each year!

This is the reason why many companies have started implementing blockchain technology in their financial operations. Learning what is blockchain and why it is important is the first step to get inside its fascinating world!

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High salaries

The demand for blockchain technology has increased in recent years. However, there is still a scarcity of blockchain professionals. This is why companies are hiring blockchain professionals for higher salaries.

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Understand Use-Cases

By getting trained and certified, you get to understand the use cases of blockchain in a better way and explore all the technology to its maximum potential.

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Exposure To The Latest Technologies

Getting blockchain certified with the best blockchain course material to study online gives you better exposure to the latest technology than others who learn the technology by themselves.

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Lead Roles

After getting certified as a blockchain developer or an expert, you can expect to get hired for team lead roles in the company. You will get a chance to work closer to the top management.

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Profile building

Access to live and industry-specific projects to build your profile!

Grab the opportunity to work on good blockchain projects for beginners throughout your learning and make your profile more impressive.

Interview Preparation

Simulated interviews to help you experience real-life interviews!

With the help of simulated and mock interviews, our team prepares you to ace your next real-life interview with ease. We help you learn everything about job openings for blockchain and the salary range.

100% placement assistance

Get in touch with top companies with our expert career assistance!

InventaTeq is constantly supported by more than 150 hiring partners who help us to prepare our students for interviews and provide them with career assistance. Learn all the knits and grits of interview questions and answers in blockchain!

Our Hiring Partners

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Course Curriculum

From beginners to pros, the blockchain course syllabus is fit for all!

The course curriculum is perfect for every learner. The experts analyse the latest industry trends and modify the curriculum accordingly.

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Course Duration

2 months of learning with the best blockchain training institute in Bangalore!

Yes, you read that right! InventaTeq's advanced and comprehensive blockchain course teaches you all the blockchain concepts in only two months. This 60-day training course covers every detail of blockchain technology in a very concise yet required manner.


Online Training Mode

Grab the opportunity to get in touch and learn with the world's best trainers at your home!

Get access to our practical training, self-paced learning sessions and online live sessions at your home. You can now connect with the industry's top leaders from your home only and start learning blockchain whenever and wherever possible.


Certification From Experts

Adds a worthy certificate to your resume!

At the end of your blockchain course in Dubai, get a certificate that is a notable addition to your resume.

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Expert-designed blockchain learning in Dubai!

  • Backed by an experience of more than 10 years in decentralised systems, our expert has gained extensive knowledge of blockchain technology. He has a good understanding of basic and advanced blockchain concepts including cryptography and crypto mining. In addition, he is currently working as a blockchain developer and has gained experience in Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency. Till now, he has worked for more than 60 clients and helped them implement decentralised blockchain and solutions in their work
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What will you learn in this course?

Professionally delivered job-oriented blockchain training classes in Dubai!

Key highlights:

  • Hands-on and simulated lab training
  • Experienced and professional trainers
  • Blockchain online session in Dubai
  • Internship for blockchain engineering students
  • Complete placement assistance
  • Interview preparation by industry leaders
  • Resume building
  • Curriculum designed to cater to beginners and pros.

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Top online blockchain training in Dubai is for one and All!

With InventaTeq's expert-curated curriculum and training sessions, the team ensures all the requirements of each learner. The course begins with focusing on the basic information of blockchain and covers all the crucial concepts including smart contracts and blockchain use cases.

This course curriculum is often updated as per the requirements and industry trends. Therefore, if you wish to learn blockchain from scratch or update your knowledge about blockchain, this blockchain learning course in Dubai is perfect for you!

Blockchain course in Dubai with placement!

Enhance your chances of making a flourishing career in the field of blockchain by getting certified by an expert. Our job-oriented blockchain classes in Dubai focus on providing you with all the skills and knowledge you need to analyse and solve real-world problems. Reach out to more employers and get placed in the best companies with the help of our 100% placement support.

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Comprising self-paced and live online blockchain sessions in Dubai, this two-month course at InventaTeq is an advanced certification course to make you job-ready!

Join the blockchain learning community and master blockchain skills to grab the best job opportunities!

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Do you know why blockchain is important in Dubai?

Blockchain technology is one of the rapidly increasing technologies having a wide scope. Blockchain technology has given rise to decentralized systems which are now preferred in almost every industry because of their security.

If you also wish to gain future-proof skills, sign up for the job-oriented blockchain course in Dubai.

It will help you gain all the job-oriented knowledge to make a career in the field of blockchain and decentralized systems.

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Skills You Will Gain

Get to learn updated and industry-based blockchain skills!

At InventaTeq, the team is focusing on providing you with industry-relevant online blockchain training in Dubai. The course focuses on crucial skills like blockchain implementation, creation, smart contracts, and cryptography.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain is still a quite new technology and most people are not aware of it. This is why learning blockchain can be difficult if you are learning it on your own. Hence, it is always better to sign up for blockchain certification training in Dubai and get a chance to learn from industry specialists.

What makes InventaTeq's blockchain lesson in Dubai different from others is its well-designed curriculum. The team ensures to teach you all the aspects of blockchain and their implementation in only 2 months.

Getting blockchain certified opens a lot of career opportunities for you. Because of the increasing demand for blockchain technology, you can expect higher salaries as well. If you are looking for the best blockchains session in Dubai, enrol with InventaTeq and gain a certification that is recognized by the industry.

To work on blockchain, you need to have a good understanding of C++ programming language.

No, if you wish to learn and master blockchain technology, you need to have prior knowledge of coding.

Yes, with InventaTeq's 100% placement support and more than 150 hiring partners, we can help you get a placement in Dubai.

Prior experience and knowledge of mathematical concepts are always appreciated if you are trying to make a career as a blockchain developer.

To begin learning blockchain, you need to first get enrolled in a blockchain course in Dubai and attend all your classes. Complete a real-life project to get certified.

Yes, you can learn blockchain even if you have a non-IT background. All you need to do is to sign up for the best blockchain learning training in Dubai and get certified.

InventaTeq provides you with the best online blockchain session. The team of InventaTeq offers you interactive sessions to make sure that each student is comfortable with the learning methods and environment.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Growth-driven and Industry-oriented blockchain online training in Dubai!

At InventaTeq, our team is determined to impart all the knowledge and skills that you need to face the challenges of the real world. Beginning with the basics of blockchain to helping you polish your skills, the InventaTeq team has got your back!


Resume building

Build a resume that makes you stand out from others!

Get to learn how to create a professional resume for your employers. A professional resume helps you stand out from other competitors and make a lasting impression on your employer. Other than providing you with blockchain classes in Dubai, the team assists you to create a resume based on the profile that you are applying for and the certifications that you already own.


Hands-on Training

Learn, implement, correct and repeat!

InventaTeq allows you to work on multiple industry-relevant projects during your blockchain training classes in Dubai. This training method helps you learn the practical aspects of blockchain mind as well as helps you retain all the concepts in the best possible way.


Recorded Sessions

Get access to expert-curated recorded sessions to learn even after your classes!

With InventaTeq, you not only get a live blockchain class in Dubai but we also provide you with recorded sessions so that you can learn even after your live classes. These classes are also curated by experts and are available to all students at all times.


Act right now and enhance your chances of becoming a leader in the field of blockchain! Sign up for blockchain certification training courses in Dubai and become certified in only two months!

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Training Methodology

A unique and hybrid approach to make you a leader!

Leaving behind the traditional methods of learning, InventaTeq follows a flexible and unique approach to teaching you blockchain technology. The team has curated the course to balance the practical and theoretical parts of the course in an equal ratio. In our Dubai blockchain classes, we motivate and allow our students to work on live projects and polish their skills to shine.

Discover The InventaTeq Difference

Do you know what a blockchain session is in Dubai? Have you ever attended one?

If you still have any doubts regarding blockchain and its use cases, do not forget to book your demo class with InventaTeq and learn blockchain from scratch.

Get started with our blockchain certification training classes in Dubai and add an advanced certification to your profile.