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Why learn Blockchain technology?

Are you aware?

60% of the CIOs are planning to integrate blockchain technology into their infrastructure by the end of 2022!

With the advancement in technology and science, concepts like cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are gaining popularity each day. They have become the talk of the town and are generally elated with Ethereum, Bitcoin and ICOs. Fortunately, Blockchain is one of those.

Besides its increasing popularity, most people are not clear on the reasons why one should sign up for blockchain courses in Ashburn and learn the use of Blockchain technology.

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Diverse Job Roles

Blockchain is not limited to a certain industry or a particular job role. So, no matter which industry you are from, learning blockchain in Ashburn is going to be beneficial for you. By learning blockchain technology, you can make your career in diverse fields or industries including healthcare, education, agriculture, and finance.

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Adoption In Governance Systems

blockchain technology has now spread its wings in government systems as well. Now that governments are focusing more on transparent transactions, secure transactions and cryptocurrency make blockchain technology a great option for government systems. Therefore, if you are into government jobs or business-to-government transactions, blockchain technology is the future.

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Futuristic Technology

Investing your time and money in blockchain technology is quite beneficial keeping the futuristic value of the technology in mind. Moreover, candidates who wish to pursue their career in the field of blockchain technology must sign up for Ashburn blockchain training because of its wider scope.

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The Need Of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 needs no introduction and there is no doubt that it is going to be the future of the web. Moreover, you can not also deny the fact that blockchain technology is the stepping stone of web 3.0. So, if you wish to work on Web 3.0, learning blockchain technology is a must.

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Profile building

Apply what you learn and become future-ready!

With more than 15 industry-specific projects to choose from, work on a project that suits your requirements and industry. Build live projects and master the art to implement what you have learned.

Interview Preparation

Crack the toughest interview with the right preparation!

Prepare for your interviews with industry leaders through simulated interviews and get unbiased feedback. During your learning of blockchain courses online the team prepares you with commonly asked interview questions along with resume building to help you get through your next interview with ease.

100% placement assistance

Get access to live projects based on the selected use case!

Sign up for InventaTeq’s blockchain course in Ashburn and get a chance to work on industry-specific projects to learn the implementation of various blockchain concepts.

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Course Curriculum

Globally-recognised and well-structured curriculum!

InventaTeq’s blockchain certification training in Ashburn is designed as per international standards to make you ready to work.

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Course Duration

2 months of one-to-one instructor-led sessions!

Sign up for InventaTeq’s 2-month comprehensive blockchain learning in Ashburn and make yourself equipped with all the industry-standard blockchain-based skills. The course covers all the crucial and required concepts in 2 months in a very structured and detailed manner.


Online Training Mode

Get to learn from experts from all over the world!

Join an Online blockchain session in Ashburn with InventaTeq and start learning blockchain technology at your home only. With our one-to-one sessions, we aim to give you personalised attention and make learning more comfortable for you.


Certification From Experts

Get industry-specific certification!

On the course completion, get certified by industry experts and make your resume stand out from the crowd.

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Expert guidance is all you need to excel at Blockchain

  • InventaTeq online sessions are conducted by best blockchain trainers in India to help you learn AI skills practically. With hands-on experience in over 100 live projects, our experts ensure that you learn all the practical aspects of Blockchain. Through experience gained in over 8 years of professional working in the industry, our expert is well versed in different tools, applications, concepts, theories, and all the details of the Blockchain system.
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What will you learn in this course?

An interesting curriculum to make learning fun!

Key highlights:

  • Instructor-led sessions by industry experts
  • Experienced experts with corporate applications for skills
  • Preparation for interview questions and answers in blockchain
  • Diverse modules to cover every blockchain aspect
  • Regular sessions for Interview preparation under expert guidance
  • Professional resume and portfolio building sessions
  • Blockchain projects for beginners
  • Regular online lessons with doubt-resolving sessions

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Blockchain training is for one and All!

With the increasing demand for blockchain experts, the opportunities for fresher as well as experienced candidates are increasing on a daily basis. Large companies like Bloomberg, bitcoin associated, and many others are widely looking for experts with valid training to join their teams and bring laurels to the company.

We also make you aware of the job openings for blockchain and salary range for various jobs!

Unfold every aspect of Blockchain

From basics of cyber security to the advanced ledger settings of bitcoin transactions, learn all the blockchain tools with InventaTeq experts. Our specifically designed curriculum covers different corners and tools of Blockchain that helps you apply these concepts directly or indirectly to your real-time problem statements.

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Grab the opportunity to update your professional portfolio with the most demanded skill today. Join the Blockchain certification Training in Ashburn today and enter the fascinating world of bitcoins!

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Tired of a monotonous working profile?

Turn the table around with the right skill in your pocket and start smart work today! Enrol for the best blockchain institute in Chennai with placement and mark the beginning of a new era with advanced skills.

Grab the seats at the best blockchain training in Ashburn with InventaTeq and experience flexible learning.

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Skills you will gain

Become a skilled expert with hands-on training in different blockchain tools. Apply the concepts learned in theories to real-time problems and solve data security issues efficiently. Become an asset to your company with an efficient and accurate set of blockchain skills. InventaTeq blockchain course in Ashburn covers different aspects easily within the framed time limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an online blockchain session, the faculty will teach you all the basics and advanced concepts of blockchain. With online sessions, you get the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Blockchain is a new-age technology and the scope of this technology is widespread in the future. Moreover, the career options in blockchain are quite flexible and if you wish to make your career in the field of blockchain, training and getting certified is the best option.

InventaTeq offers you top blockchain training courses in Ashburn. The faculty follows a blended approach to impart theoretical and practical knowledge to all the students.

With the increasing demand for Blockchain-certified professionals, it is certainly worth getting certified. Getting certified gives you an edge over other competitors and adds a plus to your resume.

In the blockchain course, you will learn all the concepts related to blockchain including smart contracts, Ethereum blockchain and developing a blockchain. The course teaches you everything about blockchain from scratch.

To enhance your chances of getting placed as a blockchain developer, it is always a better idea to get certified. Going through a complete certification process gives you an insight into all blockchain concepts along with their practical implementation.

InventaTeq provides you with comprehensive blockchain training classes in Ashburn for 2 months. The course prepares you to face the corporate world and makes you equipped with all the blockchain knowledge you need to work on real-life projects.

To enrol in blockchain classes, you can contact the InventaTeq team over the phone or fill up the query form provided on the website.

What makes InventaTeq's blockchain courses stand out from others is the specialised and well-designed curriculum. The team has designed the course in a way that perfectly meets the needs of every learner and industry.

InventaTeq provides you with online blockchain lessons in Ashburn to allow you to learn blockchain at your convenience and speed. You can also get access to recorded sessions in case you miss any sessions.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Are you in search of a blockchain placement training institute in Ashburn?

You must have not heard about InventaTeq! With our job-oriented blockchain classes in Ashburn, we focus on providing you with the best in industry training.


Student support team

What makes us the top blockchain training in Ashburn is our dedicated support team. Our student support team will be by your side 24x7. You can place your queries and the team will resolve them as soon as it receives them.


Industry-specific training

With extensive experience in the blockchain industry, the team ensures to design the blockchain online session in Ashburn in a way that fits well with the needs of the industry.


Free demo class

If you are wondering what a blockchain session is in Ashburn, then it is the right time to leverage free demo classes by InventaTeq. You can book your demo classes for free and then see how it turns out for you.


Don't stay behind when the world is moving forward to the latest technologies!
Sign up for a blockchain course with placement in Ashburn and head start your career in a promising direction!

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Training Methodology

Industry-oriented online training by the world leaders!

InventaTeq faculty follows a very mixed approach in its blockchain online session in Ashburn. The team very well incorporates theoretical and practical learning in sessions to make sure that each student is learning the implementation of all concepts as well.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Be a part of the evolving world of blockchain technology with a team of experts!

Grab your seat in the best blockchains session in Ashburn and get a chance to learn from the best instructors from all across the world.

Book your demo blockchain lesson in Ashburn and turn it into a full-fledged course!