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Why learn the course?

Have you been told?

The global companies in the USA have more than 26,000 vacant seats for big data engineers!

Big data Hadoop training in Mountain view is one of the leading tools to grow up on the ladder of success. It can help you to easily get promoted in your current company. It also helps you as a key to entering the tech world as a fresher or young tech enthusiast. InventaTeq is the best way to get an answer on how to learn Big Data Hadoop Course Online. Engineering students can start their career with an Internship in Big Data Hadoop.

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A valuable addition to resume

Add a skill to your CV that is globally demanded!

Big data Hadoop certification training courses in mountain view are the best way to add a globally demanded skill to your resume. Big data Hadoop is utilized by more than 100 different companies which makes it a versatile skill. Having this certification on your resume can help you get into the tech giants easily. With this skill listed in your knowledge and certification column, you will have an extra edge over the competitive candidates.

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Flexible working hours

Say goodbye to your 9-5 job and work with freedom!

Big data Hadoop training in Mountain View provides you with opportunities to work as a freelancer as well. You can easily work for global companies with the help of different advanced technologies covered in this training.

Various positions including analysts, big data Hadoop experts, Hadoop experts, and others can easily be fulfilled with flexible working hours. You can also use these skills to manage and analyze the data of your own business.

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Become an Entrepreneur

Every business needs a data analysis enthusiast!

Start your own business by using the skills you acquire during big data Hadoop Classes in mountain view. You can help other companies to analyze huge amounts of data with utmost efficiency and accuracy. Various companies are constantly looking for efficient and devoted companies to outsource their big data Hadoop work for them.

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Wider salary brackets

Earn in 6 digits with valuable skill in your pocket!

One of the biggest advantages of big data Hadoop certification and training classes in mountain view is that you get paid better. With this skill in your kitty, you can expect a 6-digit salary with the appropriate amount of experience in this field.

Also, the salary packages in the big data Hadoop industry are quite high and attractive for freshers. It can help you widen the existing package of your current job with a considerable hike.

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Profile building

Build a rewarding profile to get the desired job!

With the help of regular profile and CV-building sessions, you can generate a detailed CV. This CV can help you exhibit your strengths and skills to the interviewers. Also, build a portfolio that can easily show your previous experience and work on some good Big Data Hadoop Projects for Beginners.

Interview Preparation

Be corporate-ready for your dream job!

Our experts help you to crack your interviews easily. Clear your interviews with flying colors with the help of our mock interview sessions. Our team helps you to develop skills to answer several questions asked during your interview at the tech giants.

100% placement assistance

Get placed in the right department!

If you are new to the hiring processes at Giants, learning the whole interview process is significant for you. Inventateq's team of driven professionals helps you throughout your interview process and selection phases. Get 100% placement by a driven team to be placed at your dream job.

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Course Curriculum

An integrated course for all the students

Cover all the major concepts of the tech industry during big data Hadoop classes in Mountain View by Inventateq experts.

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Course duration

Be big data Hadoop ready in 8 weeks!

Learn all the major topics of big data and Hadoop features in less than 8 weeks. With the help of regular big data Hadoop online lessons in Mountain View through an online portal, you can complete your certification in a short duration.


Online training mode

Online teaching is the equivalent of advanced training!

Our experts conduct instructor-led online sessions of big data Hadoop to assume excellence and efficiency in every session. You can easily interact with your mentor during these sessions and learn how to implement the Hadoop training to utilize its functions.


Certification from experts

A certification that exhibits excellence!

Inventateq offers globally accepted certification that allows you to apply at different MNCs. Get ISO-approved certification with us.

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Certified Trainer

Learn from the expert to become an expert yourself!

  • Our expert brings more than 8 years of experience to our students. With the help of over 100 different projects, our expert helps the students to understand the detailed application of big data Hadoop training in real-time problems. Learn from the Best Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Bangalore to excel at one of the highest-demanded skills in the market.
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What will you learn in this course?

Everything you need to learn is under one course!

Key highlights:

  • Detailed sessions covering different concepts of big data Hadoop
  • Multiple live projects for detailed application
  • Diverse modules to cover every nook and corner of big data Hadoop
  • Hands-on training on different tools and commands
  • Mock interview and resume-building sessions

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Big data Hadoop is one and for all

From banking to healthcare, over 10 industries are currently using big data Hadoop for the management and analysis of data. You can learn industry-specific concepts of big data Hadoop that can help you enter any industry or domain you wish.

Unfold every aspect of Big data Hadoop technology

Get insights into the advanced tools of Hadoop and big data with online teaching sessions at Inventateq. With diverse modules and an integrated course, you can now get your hands on detailed sections covering every aspect of big data Hadoop learning.

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Grow opportunities of getting placed at global firms with the right skill in your corner. Enroll in online big data Hadoop training in mountain view today!

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Be ready to face the giants and take place in the globally leading teams. Join the league with the right skill in your pocket. Book a free demo at Inventateq and begin your journey of big data Hadoop excellence today!

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Skills You Will Gain

Big data Hadoop training courses in Mountain View by Inventateq are all you need to excel. Starting from assignments, and instructor-led training to mock interview sessions, we provide you with everything under one syllabus. These mock interviews also help you to develop skills and practice the top most interview question and Answers in Big Data Hadoop. These skills will help you in answering the questions that you know and also adequately brushed up on your soft skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hadoop is one of the cost-effective methods to manage big data. Hence, most companies prefer using Hadoop for managing and analyzing their data. This is why Hadoop training is important in mountain view.

InventaTeq offers you comprehensive training of 2 months.

To learn Hadoop, you need to learn Java. Though it can work with other languages, Java is preferred.

To start learning Hadoop, you will have to first sign up for the big data Hadoop training in mountain view. The team will help you start learning Hadoop from the beginning till concept implementation. You will learn everything from What is Big Data Hadoop & Why is it Important to how to start your career in it.

As a Hadoop developer, you will be responsible for coding in MapReduce, documentation of projects, designing and handling data at high speeds, and security and privacy of your data.

InventaTeq provides you with job-oriented training to help you enhance the skills that you need to land a job in the industry. Moreover, the faculty at InventaTeq is quite experienced and follows a unique learning approach.

A Hadoop session is conducted to teach you all the basics and advanced application of Hadoop skills. It teaches you all the Hadoop skills needed to stand out from the crowd.

To contact the InventaTeq team, you will have to send a query regarding the Hadoop course via the form available on the website or you can directly call on the provided numbers.

InventaTeq is in close ties with over 150 companies including global companies. We proudly stand on a few platforms providing Top azure learning in Santa Clara.

Hadoop is used to store data that varies in size which also includes big data. To understand the implementation of Big data in a better way, sign up for Big data Hadoop training in Mountain view.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Professional training courses and certificates!

Learn from the best industry leaders and master the skills by investing in yourself. Enroll in the Big data Hadoop course in Mountain view and learn all the nits and grits of big data Hadoop.


Instructor-led training

One-on-one sessions by the experts!

Get the guidance of industry experts in our one-to-one sessions and clear all your doubts and queries. The expert will guide you through every phase of learning and project creation.


Student support

Continue learning even after your classes!

In case you face any issues during your big data Hadoop course in Mountain View, you can reach out to our student support team. The team will try to get in touch with you as soon as you send a query.


Resume Building

Learn to present your skills on your resume the right way!

Get trained on how to build a resume according to the position. The team will guide you on how to modify your existing resume or build it from scratch. We also provide Big Data Hadoop resume samples for freshers.


Grab the best job openings for Big Data Hadoop at a salary range available by getting Hadoop certified by industry leaders! Sign up for InventaTeq’s job-oriented big data Hadoop training in mountain view and master industry-relevant skills!

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Training Methodology

Application and experience-based training for all!

The team of InventaTeq follows a hybrid approach in its big data Hadoop course in mountain view. They perfectly combine practical skills and theoretical knowledge in their course to make learning easier and fun for all. With one-on-one instructor-led training, you get a complete chance to interact with the best Big Data Hadoop Trainer in India to Learn Big Data Hadoop Skills Practically and clear all your doubts.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Are you looking for a Top Big Data Hadoop Institute in Chennai with Placement?

Join our job-oriented big data Hadoop sessions in mountain view and increase your chances of getting noticed by top MNCs. Book your demo class today and turn it into full-fledged training!