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Why learn the course?

Have you heard of it?

The projected big data market size is likely to reach $73 billion by 2023!

Undoubtedly, the market for big data is maturing and is likely to increase in the coming years. With that being said, the demand and market for Hadoop are on the rise as well!

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The exponential growth

This is no secret that the Big data market is growing now and will continue to grow in the future. Moreover, to work on big data, Hadoop is used by most companies because of its cost-effectiveness. Therefore, if you wish to future-proof your skills, join the big data Hadoop online session in Los Angeles today and start learning Big Data Hadoop Course Online.

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High Salaries

Big data and Hadoop are quite in demand and because of the scarcity of Hadoop professionals, this demand is increasing day by day and has led to increased salaries for Hadoop-certified professionals. However, if you are looking for job openings for Big Data Hadoop at a higher salary range, it is better to sign up at the Best Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Bangalore and connect with top companies.

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Skill Enhancement

Keeping yourself updated with the latest skills is never a bad idea. Hadoop is one such latest skill that you must master if you wish to future-proof your career.

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Powerful Technology

Hadoop is one of the versatile yet powerful technologies that one must get their hands on. The technology is used for multiple purposes including data warehousing, data analysis and data recovery. Therefore, learning Hadoop is always a plus for your portfolio.

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Profile building

Grab the chance to add impressive skills to your portfolio!

Work on multiple live projects and build industry-required skills. Moreover, Add industry-relevant skills to your resume and get the attention of top recruiters and your dream company. We also give access to Big Data Hadoop Resume samples for Freshers.

Interview Preparation

Enhance your chances of getting hired with impressive interview skills!

Master all the commonly asked questions in an interview and gain the confidence to face your interviewer through our mock tests and mock interview question and Answers in Big Data Hadoop.

100% placement assistance

Do not miss out on the opportunity to connect with top companies!

InventaTeq stands tall as the Top Big Data Hadoop Institute in Chennai with Placement because of its 100% placement assistance. The team of InventaTeq will help you connect with multiple companies and get placed.

Our Hiring Partners

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Course Curriculum

Organized and structured way of learning!

InventaTeq’s course curriculum is well structured as per the needs and learning styles of candidates. The curriculum unfolds each concept at the right time to help students connect and learn easily.

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Course duration

2 months of rigorous training to make you a professional!

To make you corporate-ready, InventaTeq’s 2 months of big data Hadoop online lessons in Los Angeles are enough. The team has designed this course in such a way that covers all the concepts and practical training related to Hadoop in only 60 hours of learning.


Online training mode

Instructor-led online training for all!

Learning from the experts is now made simpler with online big data Hadoop training in Los Angeles. The instructor-led courses allow you to connect to your trainers more efficiently and give you an opportunity to learn at your own pace.


Certification from experts

Professional certificate program by experts!

Sign up for the big data Hadoop session in Los Angeles and get certified by the industry experts on completion of the course.

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Students Who Loved Us

best Machine Learning trainer in bangalore btm and marathahalli

Certified Trainer

Get a chance to learn from the experts themselves!

  • InventaTeq has the best Big Data Hadoop trainer in India to learn Big Data Hadoop skills practically. Our trainer is currently working as a Hadoop developer in the industry. With his experience in Hadoop of more than 10 years, he has acquired all the skills that one needs to thrive in the big data industry. He aims to share the same expertise in his big data Hadoop certification training classes in Los Angeles and help students gain the best knowledge.
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What will you learn in this course?

Top online big data Hadoop training in Los Angeles for all!

Key highlights:

  • 2 months course of applied learning
  • 50+ hands-on projects
  • 24x7 student support
  • Online big data Hadoop in Los Angeles
  • Designed for newbies and professionals.
  • Career services by InventaTeq
  • One-on-one industry mentor training
  • Self-paced learning videos.

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Big data Hadoop learning Los Angeles is for one and All!

What makes us stand tall as the Top big data Hadoop training in Los Angeles is our rigorous and unique curriculum. With our one-to-one sessions, the faculty ensures that each concept is explained in detail and each student is learning what is being taught in the session.

Job-Oriented big data Hadoop course in Los Angeles

To make you corporate-ready, the Hadoop course is designed as per the latest trends in the industry. The curriculum follows a rigorous approach and standard to train each student. It is designed in such a way that a newbie can also adjust well to the curriculum and become a Hadoop expert in just 2 months.

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Don’t wait up and book your classes today to Recieve live Job-Oriented big data Hadoop Classes in Los Angeles and advanced certifications from industry leaders with InventaTeq!

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Are you aware of Why is big data Hadoop course the best in Los Angeles?

Hadoop being a maturing technology is in demand in all industries and is used to manage unstructured or big data. So, if you are looking to make a career in big data, learning Hadoop is the first step to it.

Join the course and learn what is big data Hadoop session in Los Angeles with the experts!

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Skills You Will Gain

Essential skills training for professionals and newbies!

The big data Hadoop course in Los Angeles by InventaTeq is developed to upskill all professionals and students in trending technology. The course covers all the important skills including Scala, MongoDB, HDFS, Apache and Hive.

Frequently Asked Questions

An online big data session is conducted by industry experts to make you a Hadoop-certified professional. The classes are conducted online to help you learn everything at your home.

The duration of InventaTeq’s big data Hadoop classes is 2 months or 60 hours.

Hadoop is a cost-effective method to manage and analyse big data. This is why most companies use Hadoop and to increase your chances of getting placed, learning Hadoop is a good option.

Learning Hadoop is not very difficult. However, learning it on your own is quite difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, it is always a good idea to join Los Angeles big data Hadoop classes.

InventaTeq’s big data Hadoop Classes in Los Angeles help you build all the crucial skills of Hadoop including Hive, HDFS, and Spark.

InventaTeq provides you with comprehensive Hadoop skills to teach you all the tools and skills required to work in the corporate world. Moreover, with more than 150 hiring partners, InventaTeq can help you contact the top companies and get placed.

It completely depends on the mode of your learning. Generally, if you choose the self-paced learning method, it may take up to 4 months to learn Hadoop but with a professional big data Hadoop learning course in Los Angeles, you can learn Hadoop in only 2 months.

Even if you have no prior experience in Hadoop, you can still get placed and begin your career in the field of Hadoop. InventaTeq provides a big data Hadoop course in Los Angeles with placement to help you get placed easily. Engineering students can get an Internship for Big Data Hadoop.

Yes, to learn Hadoop, you need to learn to code. Generally, Java language is preferred to work on Hadoop.

To enrol in the big data Hadoop training, you can contact the team through the query form or phone numbers available on the website.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Get real-world experience with expert-designed courses!

Jumpstart your career with thoughtfully designed and curated big data Hadoop certification training courses in Los Angeles with InventaTeq. Our dedicated team puts its best efforts to help you get placed in your dream company and live the life that you dreamt of.



Courses that fit all industries!

To ensure that you learn what is important to stay in the industry, our experts design big data Hadoop courses in Los Angeles as per the latest trends. Learn to implement the latest Hadoop tools and work on 50+ industry-specific projects to build the right skills.


Self-paced learning

Learn advanced Hadoop skills at your convenience!

InventaTeq follows a hybrid approach to training its students. Along with live big data Hadoop classes in Los Angeles, we provide you with self-paced learning classes. You can access the recorded sessions to learn whenever and wherever you want.


24x7 student support

Get access to 24X7 student support to help you learn even after classes!

InventaTeq offers you a 24X7 support team whom you can reach whenever you want. Send the team a query and the team will get back to you as soon as they receive the query.


Practice with the latest Hadoop tools and empower your knowledge with a popular skill set! Sign up today for the best big data Hadoop learning training in Los Angeles and learn from the best!

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Training Methodology

Training based on real-time projects designed for beginners and pros!

Join big data Hadoop certification training in Los Angeles with InventaTeq and get an opportunity to work on real-life projects. The course offers you complete industry exposure to prepare you for adjusting and working in the corporate culture. Moreover, the team employs practical examples in their teaching to help you improve your retention power.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Amplify your corporate skills with job-oriented big data Hadoop classes in Los Angeles!

Grab the opportunity to connect with and learn from industry experts with InventaTeq’s Hadoop course.

Book your demo classes to experience what is big data Hadoop training in Los Angeles and how it works!