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Why learn the course?

Have you been informed?

Big data and Hadoop are valued at more than 8.50 million USD on a global level!

Get access to the latest big data tools, Hadoop framework, and advanced techniques and become a big data Hadoop professional and learn the different working techniques of Hadoop. Get an answer to your question on how to learn big data courses online by calling us now.

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Better Pay Scale

86% of the total big data engineers earn more than 155,000 dollars annually!

If you are looking for a skill that will help you bring a hike to your overall salary, big data Hadoop certification training courses in Toronto are your are-to-go courses!

You can get a usual hike of more than 30-40% on your current salary and even if you are a fresher, you will be glad to know that salary packages for the freshers after learning from the Best Big Data Hadoop training institute in Bangalore are quite impressive as well.

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Leading Technical Technique

Hadoop is one of the latest technology trends!

Gaining big data Hadoop certification and training classes in Toronto helps you to sign up for the latest trends in big data. You can utilize these advanced tools to deal with huge databases and provide accurate results.

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Emerge as a Technical Professional

The best way to enter non-technical students into the tech industry is through big data certification!

If you belong to a different domain but IT and computer science have been your field of interest for a long time, the big data Hadoop course in Toronto is the right entry point. Even non-technical professionals can acquire Toronto big data Hadoop training and kickstart their technical careers.

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Global Opportunities

FAANGs are looking for Big data and Hadoop certification holders

Do you know companies like Google, IBM, and other giant tech companies are looking for big data engineers? Candidates with valid certification after big data Hadoop learning in Toronto are given an added advantage over the other candidates.

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Profile building

Build a rewarding profile under the right guidance

Our experts help you in building a strong and expressive profile. Enhance the impact of your first impression on the interviewer with an expert-built CV by using our Big Data Hadoop Resume samples built especially for Freshers. Also, build an impressive portfolio through which you can showcase your previous projects and work.

Interview Preparation

Prepare for the interview at tech giants

With the help of regular mock sessions, our experts prepare you for different interviews and specifications. Learn the process of the interview in detail. Prepare for in-situ interview answers and responses to different questions. Learn different interview questions and Answers in Big Data Hadoop that can be asked during your interview.

100% placement assistance

Be job-ready with expert guidance

Our expert team of driven professionals helps you to understand the different stages of an interview and tactics to resolve the problem statements. From filling out the applications to getting shortlisted, our team assists all the students. We also help engineering students to get an internship in Big Data Hadoop.

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Course Curriculum

Distinct and diversified modules to cover every concept

Learn different applications of Hadoop with big data most efficiently and effectively. Get a hold of different concepts under one integrated course.

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Course duration

Learn Hadoop with Big data in less than 2 months

Toronto big data Hadoop training at InventaTeq can be completed within 2 months. Our experts have designed a specialized training schedule that covers different modules of big data and Hadoop.


Online training mode

Upskill yourself without leaving your home!

Are you worried about stepping out and taking big data Hadoop Classes in Toronto? Worry not, you can now upskill yourself without attending offline sessions. InventaTeq provides you an opportunity to attend big data Hadoop online lessons in Toronto through instructor-led sessions.


Certification from experts

Become a globally accredited big data engineer

Unlock the door to global job openings for Big Data Hadoop at a higher salary range with different MNCs.

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Students Who Loved Us

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Certified Trainer

Learn under the guidance of an expert!

  • InventaTeq big data Hadoop Classes for Toronto and other students are conducted by an industry expert professional. At Inventateq, you will only learn from the best Big Data Hadoop Trainer in India. Our expert holds more than 10 years of experience and has successfully delivered more than 100 projects. Over 10 years, the inventaTeq expert for big data Hadoop lessons in Toronto has trained about 5,000 students through online, offline, and corporate training modes.
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What will you learn in this course?

Explore the tech world with the latest tools!

Key highlights:

  • Instructor-led big data Hadoop Online session in Toronto at fixed intervals
  • A short course to gain excellence in less than 2 months on different big data and Hadoop applications
  • Learn integration of Hadoop with big data and how it can help to boost your business
  • Regular mock interview sessions to prepare for interviews at tech giants
  • Big data Hadoop course in Toronto with placement assistance for all the students as per their profile
  • Resume generation by the experts to exhibit the right skills

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Big data Hadoop online training in Toronto is for one and All!

From being a newbie to the tech world to being a professional, the big data Hadoop certification is all you need to set your foot with a stable job profile in the tech industry.

More than 121 different MNCs are constantly hiring big data Hadoop certification holders to help in the easy operation of their tasks. The Job Oriented big data Hadoop course in Toronto can help you apply at the basic job profile as a trainee or professional level including senior data analysts at different global companies.

Unfold every aspect of Big data Hadoop

Big data is one of the biggest and trickiest core concepts of computer science. More than 10 different industries are using big data Hadoop for analysis of their raw data.

InventaTeq Job Oriented big data Hadoop Classes in Toronto will help you gain insights into different aspects of this core concept and its application in different industries. After all, every industry has a different type of data that needs to be analyzed.

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Enroll in the Top online big data Hadoop training in Toronto now and join the league with tech geeks! Download our curriculum now and see what our Big Data Hadoop course Syllabus contains.

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Be a part of the leading IT wave with a stable and worthy certification. Book a free session today and mark the beginning of your tech career with the Best big data Hadoop session in Toronto.

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Skills You Will Gain

Become a data analyst and work on huge databases with ease. Get tricks and tips to efficiently use big data Hadoop concepts in real-time situations with an Online big data Hadoop session in Toronto.

Analyze your data more efficiently with the most efficient Hadoop tools. Get access to the best tools and the right certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Big data is a set of large amounts of data coming from different new sources. Learn the technology of dealing with big data through the right tools. Learn everything from basic What is Big Data Hadoop & Why is it Important to how to start your career in it.

Big data Hadoop training is very important to get into several globally established organizations in Toronto. If you are looking for a job in data engineering Or data analysis, this certification is for you.

The big data Hadoop session helps you to explore different concepts of Hadoop and how it is used with big data. You can get insights into these core topics in detail during such sessions.

Toronto is one of the leading hotspots for technical companies. You can get big data and Hadoop certification to ensure a stable and well-paid job in Toronto.

The average salary of a big data engineer lies around 88,000 annually in Toronto. This amount will increase with experience in the same field.

You can learn all the concepts of big data and its integration with Hadoop through inventaTeq interactive sessions. Our experts make sure that every concept is taught conveniently and in the easiest way possible.

Big data and Hadoop are used in over 10 different industries including healthcare, finance, banking, and many more.

Over 121 different companies are hiring big data engineers in Toronto. The chances of getting placed after big data Hadoop training are quite high.

With the help of regular profile-building sessions, InventaTeq experts help you build an impressive resume as well.

InventaTeq offers big data Hadoop training at affordable prices and with exciting deals for all students.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Get noticed by the tech giants with the right profile!

InventaTeq helps you to shine through thousands of professionals with your efficient skill set and unique concept implementation techniques.


Industry-specific training

Learn concepts that will help you grow

InventaTeq offers you an opportunity to select your industry-specific live projects. We ensure that you learn all the concepts that will help you grow in your specific industry with detailed information.


All modules covered

We provide all modules under one course

Get your hands on the top modules that you need to learn to become a professional big data Hadoop engineer. Become a professional with the right skills. Learn to apply different concepts and utilize various tools to enhance efficiency for your organization.


Mock interviews

With the right practice, nothing is impossible

Regular mock interview sessions at InventaTeq ensure that you are ready to face the tech giants. You can learn how to easily and efficiently answer different questions asked by the interviewers. Practice at mock sessions to crack your interviews in one go!


Boost your career with the most demanded skill in your kitty with inventaTeq experts. Register for big data Hadoop training in Toronto today!

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Training Methodology

Enhance your awareness of big data and its applications!

Use Hadoop with big data in different forms with tools and techniques to analyze data faster and in a more efficient way

We help build resume and profile generation for different aspects of big data and Hadoop. Get certification to indicate your commitment to the skills!

Discover the InventaTeq difference

InventaTeq is ranked among the Top Big Data Hadoop Institute in Chennai with Placement. Get guidance from the experts to complete your certification and enhance your career. Grab a global certification and apply at the FANGs.