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Why learn the course?

Were you aware?

The average salary of an Azure-certified developer is 1,26,653 annually at a global level.

Azure is a leading cloud computing platform available for all users around the globe. Along with giving tough competition to other cloud platforms, Azure is offering exciting job opportunities to developers as well. Starting from the fresher candidates to experienced ones, Azure training in Santa Clara is opening new opportunities for all. Contact InventaTeq now and get to know how to start learning Azure courses online.

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Accelerated career growth

Azure certification can boost your salaries by 40-20%

As per the current statistics by the experts of, the candidates with valid Azure azure certification training courses in Santa Clara are offered jobs with higher salaries and at higher job positions. More than 100 different tech giant companies such as Wipro, Facebook, FedEx, etc are constantly looking for candidates who have successfully attained Azure training certification.

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Flexible profession

Say goodbye to 9-5 jobs and work according to your interest!

If you are also looking for a way out of your monotonous work life, azure certification training in Santa Clara is your escape. You can now work in different sectors and different specifications as a trained Azure professional. Since most companies today are shifting their regular storage to the cloud, job opportunities are constantly enhancing.

Artificial Intelligence

Enhance Artificial intelligence skills

Get the best azure trainer in India to learn AI skills practically!

Artificial intelligence experts are one of the most demanded skills in the tech industry today. Various tech companies are looking for candidates who can easily operate AI as well as Azure efficiently. With help of Azure tools, you can easily learn new applications of AI and enhance the quality of work for your company or business.

Artificial Intelligence

Open doors to Global Opportunities

Global companies are constantly hiring Azure professionals

You can now apply at various MNCs and global companies with the right certification. Once you get your certification after completing an azure learning course in Santa Clara, you can apply at various global companies and unlock new career horizons for a brighter future. Various posts including Cloud architect, DevOps engineer, and others.

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Profile building

Get an impressive CV with expert guidance

When applying to the dream company of your choice, the first step is to build a strong profile and CV to exhibit the right skills. With the right profile, you can present an everlasting impression on your interviewer. Profile building sessions with experts help you to improve your impression of the interviewer.

Interview Preparation

We help you get into your dream company

Join the team of your dream company with the right guidance from the experts. Get insights into the interview techniques and strategies with the industry experts during azure learning in Santa Clara. With regular interview mock sessions and some good azure projects for beginners, you can excel the course!

100% placement assistance

We help you reach your goals sooner

Get placed with the proper guidance of the experts. We ensure that you get placed in the top companies hiring Azure experts all over the globe. If you are looking for a way to get into the mega companies in the tech industry, enrol in top azure institute in Chennai with placement.

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Course Curriculum

Learn all Azure tools in detail

Industry experts teach you every aspect of Azure cloud computing in detail. With better training, learn the application of several tools.

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Course duration

Begin your cloud computing career in less than 2 months!

Another advantage of Azure class in Santa Clara is that you can begin your cloud computing journey through a simple process. Reach the cloud computing career destination and learn the knits and grits of what is azure and why it is important?


Online training mode

Gain excellence from the comfort of your home

Attend regular informative sessions at InventaTeq and begin your journey as a cloud expert from your home. InventaTeq provides you an opportunity to upskill your career without leaving your home through a fixed schedule of online sessions. Instructor-led sessions at InventaTeq ensure that you get the experience of interesting sessions and get the best job openings for Azure!


Certification from experts

Grab an ISO-approved certification

Get an ISO-approved certification and apply for global companies. You can now use this certification as your biggest asset to exhibit your azure skills.

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Students Who Loved Us

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Certified Trainer

Learn from an experienced industry expert!

  • From training students via online mode to offline corporate training, our expert has ensured quality education for a wide range of students. Contact InventaTeq and learn from the best Azure Trainer in India. With professional experience working at the tech giants, our expert brings more than 10 years of experience in Azure for students. Become an expert under the guidance of an experienced and excellence-driven industry expert.
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What will you learn in this course?

All you need to learn about Azure is here at InventaTeq!

Key highlights:

  • Instructor-led Online sessions fit expert Azure training
  • Hands-on training in more than 30 different Azure tools
  • Cloud computing concepts from scratch to advanced application of Azure tools
  • Variety of modules with insights to use Azure in different domains
  • Industry-relevant projects and training for all domains
  • Best training for interview questions and answers in azure

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Azure Certification is for one and All!

From pharmaceuticals to accountancy, every firm today is moving toward cloud computing and hence open for candidates who have acquired any of the Azure courses in Santa Clara by an accredited center.!

Learn all about Azure with diverse modules

Experts at InventaTeq ensure that you learn concepts from every nook and corner of the cloud computing world. With a diverse range of modules, InventaTeq covers different integration concepts of Azure as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Be a part of the storage revolution with Santa Clara azure training and reach the clouds!

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Inventateq is your answer to how to learn azure online in a better way! Learn every trick with azure online lessons in Santa Clara at InventaTeq!

InventaTeq is the new excellence hotspot for cloud computing enthusiasts. Learn how to widen your profile margins and reduce the cost of operation and Maintenance with Azure.

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Skills You Will Gain

From integrations to reducing IT costs, learn everything with us!

With the help of sessions for online azure in Santa Clara, you can bring down the overall IT maintenance cost for your business or company. Gain these skills with InventaTeq azure courses and become an asset for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

InventaTeq experts provide you with hands-on training with face-to-face assistance from mentors to ensure learning never stops or is interrupted.

You will get access to online sessions with a duration of about 40-55 minutes each session.

As per the reports you can get a salary hike of about 20-40% once you gain azure online training in Santa Clara.

Experts at InventaTeq make Azure training easy through interactive and informative Online azure sessions in Santa Clara.

Yes, InventaTeq provides ISO-approved certifications that are accepted by MNCs.

Online sessions of Azure training are hosted to ensure that you get the opportunity to upskill yourself without leaving your current job Or studies.

InventaTeq offers instructor-led sessions along with a mentor connect option for the students to get their doubts and queries resolved

With a dedicated team of professionals, inventaTeq offers a Job Oriented azure course in Santa Clara to ensure new and exciting job opportunities for you.

InventaTeq is in close ties with over 150 companies including global companies. We proudly stand on a few platforms providing Top azure learning in Santa Clara.

InventaTeq conducts regular mock interview sessions and placement training. We are counted in the top azure placement training institute in Santa Clara with amazing results.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Take part in the ever-evolving wave of best industry skills!

Joining Santa Clara Azure classes at InventaTeq is the right decision for young and experienced tech professionals who wish to upgrade their current working profiles.


Industry trained experts

Experts with hands-on training in over 100 projects.

If you are looking for an expert that can cover different aspects of Azure and be industry specific at the same time, look no more. Learn several applications of Azure in your domain with live projects and interactive sessions with experts.


Interactive sessions

Interacting with your mentor directly is possible with InventaTeq!.

InventaTeq gives access to professional online sessions for all the students. These sessions are conducted by mentors providing detailed sessions of Azure with industry-specific information and insights.


Diversified modules

Become an expert from a newbie with us.

From being a fresher in cloud computing to become an expert at Azure, we help you in each step of your journey. Our diverse modules cover every concept of cloud computing and Azure from basics to advanced levels. We help you gain a certification that helps you exhibit your skills. It also showcases your Azure efficiency to your interviewer.


Be future-ready with the cloud computing expert. Become an Azure professional today. Book a free demo online!

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Training Methodology

Training students in small and convenient timing batches for all!

With Inventateq, learn how Azure works in organizations and the best ways to use it efficiently. Get Hands-on training on different domain-specific and general Azure tools. Evaluation through assignments and verbal tests throughout the sessions

Also take advantage of doubt resolving sessions at constant intervals for all students

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Be ready to join the giants with our guidance!

During your classes at the diverse course of azure in Santa Clara by InventaTeq, you get to learn everything from the basics. And don't worry, our experts will ensure you become an expert yourself too!