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Why learn Azure?

Are you aware?

95% of fortune 500 use Azure to manage their data and operations!

Certainly, it is an era of cloud computing and what can be better than choosing a recognized service provider like Azure? This is the main reason why most companies want Azure-certified employees.

But does it always have to be related to making money? There are numerous other reasons to sign up for Top Azure Institute in Chennai with Placement.

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Reduced costs

Migrating your data to the cloud saves a lot of hardware and software costs for the company. This reduces the overall cost of operations.

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Increased Productivity

Data present on the cloud can be accessed more easily and simply. You can access your data anytime and anywhere.

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Easier Innovation

Keep yourself up to date with the latest technological trends and technologies. With the cloud, information has been made more accessible and available.

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Increased Scalability

Azure allows you to customize your applications and software depending on your needs. Scaling your business on the cloud is much easier.

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Profile building

Acquire Skills that matter!

To improve your profile standing among your competitors, InventaTeq allows you to work on multiple live projects along with azure online sessions in San Jose. You can add those projects to your resume and increase the value of your resume. We also help you build an appealing Azure resume sample for freshers.

Interview Preparation

Confidence comes with practice!

With multiple mock interview questions and Answers in Azure, case studies and mock tests, the team prepares you for the best and worst interview experiences. Azure courses in San Jose helps you to build the skills and confidence to overcome and tackle every question that you will encounter in your interviews.

100% placement assistance

Earn future-proof skills and get placed!

Whether it is about resume building or it is about interview preparation, InventaTeq can help you with everything. Our placement support team helps you to get placed in the top companies by preparing you for interviews at the end of your azure session in San Jose.

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Course Curriculum

Be Azure certified!

The curriculum is designed to keep the students intact with the course and unfold new topics for students to learn Azure courses online.

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Course duration

A 2-month job-oriented azure course in San Jose!

You can now master the skills of Azure in just two months with InventaTeq. The course follows a comprehensive 2-month curriculum to enable you to learn and implement Azure concepts in the easiest way possible.


Online training mode

Begin your top azure learning in San Jose from your home!

Azure training has been made easier with online mode. You can now learn and earn certification at the convenience of your home. With self-paced learning and recorded sessions, we ensure that you never have to miss out on anything.


Certification from experts

Expert certified Course!

Gain a certification on completion of the course to mark and imply that you have successfully gone through and completed all modules of your course.

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Get Trained By The Global Experts!

  • Learning with our global expert has been made easier with our online azure session in San Jose. Our expert has a strong understanding of cloud computing concepts like application migration, performance testing, multi-cloud deployment, database management and more. In his career of over 15 years, he has helped many of his clients to migrate their company data to the cloud or develop customized solutions on the cloud.
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What will you get in azure class in San Jose?

Take Your Career To The Next Level With InventaTeq!

Key highlights:

  • Working on good Azure projects for beginners
  • Hands-on training
  • One-to-one mentor sessions
  • Access to the latest tools and trends in Azure
  • 100% placement support
  • Experience trainers
  • Instructor-led training

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

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Azure courses in San Jose are for one and All!

Azure online lessons in San Jose open up wider opportunities for students. Keeping the requirements of the industry in mind, our experts have designed the Best Azure Course Materials to Study online that each student can benefit from. Multiple topics including designing Azure infrastructure, Azure collusion architecture and important tools required to build and deploy an application on Azure are covered in the course.

Detail-Oriented azure Classes in San Jose

Now learn more than what’s written in the books! Learn Azure concepts by implementing them on your own. Throughout your course duration, we make you work on different Azure live projects to enable you to deal with real-life situations on your own. Learn all the skills that you need to excel at your workplace and achieve top positions in the firm.

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Take the first step towards transforming your learning into a success! Join InventaTeq’s San Jose azure classes and become azure-certified at your home!

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Skills You Will Gain

Lead the world of cloud computing with enhanced Azure skills!

Learn to use your skills in the right way with InventaTeq’s team. Get your hands on all the required skills like continuous integration, cloud computing, Azure infrastructure and architecture, and DevOps methodology with the best azure session in San Jose by InventaTeq!

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, students who have a bachelor’s degree in Computer science or IT are preferred for Azure certification. However, if you have an interest in learning new technologies including Azure, you can join the course easily.

Yes, on completion of your course, you will receive a certificate from the experts.

Azure sessions help you train yourself to attempt and clear Azure certification. The sessions are conducted by professionals to help you learn everything about Azure.

InventaTeq’s online training helps you to learn from the best Azure Trainer in India to Learn AI Skills Practically at your home only. With learning Azure in San Jose, InventaTeq also provides you with placement assistance to help you get a job after the completion of the course.

InventaTeq’s courses are completely based on an applied learning framework. It offers you self-paced video lessons, hands-on projects, and remote classes. Moreover, students can also access the mentorship session to enrich their knowledge and real-life experience.

No, you do not need to visit the training centre to learn Azure. InventaTeq provides you with azure online training in San Jose to help you learn at your own pace.

InventaTeq offers you 100% placement support to help you get a placement after course completion. We help you build your profile and resume as per your needs.

Azure training lessons teach you the basics and advanced concepts of Azure and cloud computing. From training you to design Azure applications to helping you work on live projects, everything is covered in the Azure training course.

With InventaTeq, you can complete the Azure training course in only two months.

InventaTeq’s Azure program is an online and open-enrollment program. However, there are some basic education criteria that you will have to fulfil to get enrolled in the course.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Become a cloud expert and get placed in top companies!

Most companies are now switching to the cloud to manage their data and operations and for that, they prefer a reliable platform like Azure. This is why azure training is important in San Jose. But the main question is where to get it from. Are all the training the same?

Certainly not! This is why you need to experience the InventaTeq difference!


Hands-On Training

We are still by your side even after your class hours. You can always reach out to our student support team at any time of the day if you have any issues or questions.

InventaTeq’s azure learning course in San Jose is not only theoretical. With each concept, the team also helps you to implement it in real-life situations and projects. This helps in retaining the concepts in a better way and makes you well aware of the situations that you will encounter in real-life.


Structured Curriculum

An advanced azure course in San Jose designed by experts!

Azure course Syllabus is designed keeping in mind the latest trends and advanced technologies. The experts have designed the course to ensure that you keep yourself updated with technological advancements and train you to incorporate those advancements into your learning.


Mentor Connect

One-on-one exclusive training as per your requirements!

One-to-one training sessions are offered to each student to help them learn and communicate with the mentor in a better way. The mentor will guide you and help you throughout the Azure course in San Jose and the projects you will choose.


Get your hands on industry-specific projects to build an impressive portfolio for your next employer!
Reach out to the InventaTeq team and sign up for the best azures session in San Jose to start learning!

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Training Methodology

A measurable and predictable way to build Azure skills!

Say no to unstructured and irrelevant curriculums! Now, learn what is important for your career and required in the industry. InventaTeq’s learning approach makes it the best azure learning training in San Jose. The team follows a theoretical as well as a practical framework to ensure that you know the implementation of the concepts that you have learned. Beginners can start their career by joining an internship in Azure.

Discover the InventaTeq Difference

Fast-track your career with hands-on azure certification training courses in San Jose from InventaTeq! Get to know everything about Azure starting from what azure is to why it is important to every small concept.

Get your hands on all the important concepts of Azure including your Azure app services, Amazon S3 and much more!

Sign up for the azure certification training in San Jose with InventaTeq and begin solving your tech skills gaps with skill intelligence now!