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Why Learn Azure?

Are you aware?

There are more than 350 million active Azure users worldwide!

This clearly implies that it is one of the most demanded skills of the century. And why not? After all, everything now is done on the cloud and Azure is one of the largest cloud service providers!

For budding cloud developers, it is important to opt for azure learning in Dubai to have a flourishing and great future ahead.

There are multiple reasons on why and how to learn an azure course online!

Artificial Intelligence

Reliable Service Provider

When it comes to the cloud, reliability and security should be the top priority. Azure, being a Microsoft product, is quite reliable and secure. It uses multiple advanced encryption layers which help to keep your data secure and safe. Their regular backups and latest techniques are what make Azure stand out from others.

Artificial Intelligence

Most Used Cloud Services

Out of 350 million users, 60% of its customers use its advanced services. Needless to say, you will find Azure in most companies. Therefore, if you wish to make your career in cloud computing, learning Azure will give you an edge over your competitors. This is why you must choose Top azure training in Dubai and get certified.

Artificial Intelligence

Increased Mobility

You can access your data anytime and anywhere when it is stored on the cloud. Azure allows you to increase the mobility of your data and ultimately increase the productivity of your organization.

Artificial Intelligence

Increased Scalability

Scaling your business solutions on the cloud is easier and more cost-effective than physical solutions. You can customize the solution to peak load to keep your software running.

Artificial Intelligence

Profile building

Work on live projects and build a portfolio!

Get access to our industry-specific projects to work on them and build an impressive portfolio. Learn to implement the right strategies and master problem-solving skills with live projects.

Interview Preparation

Simulated mock interview to give you real interview experience!

Along with learning Azure in Dubai, you can now get prepared for your interview with the expert team. We have a team of working professionals who understand the hiring processes and industry needs very well. The team conducts numerous mock interviews to help you get used to the interview patterns and environment. Beginners can start with an internship in azure.

100% placement assistance

Finding job openings in Azure and getting placed made it easier!

InventaTeq offers 100% placement assistance to its students. The team will help you build the right skills and attitude to get placed in your dream company. Simulated mock interviews are conducted by the experts and get the best azure course material to study online.

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Course Curriculum

A rigorous curriculum!

Learn Azure concepts with a simplified and rigorous curriculum. Join the online azure session in Dubai and make yourself ready to face the corporate world.

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Course duration

Become Azure Certified in just 2 months!

Get Azure certification in only 2 months with InventaTeq. In this two-month course, we make you well equipped with all the industry standard skills to ensure that you get placed.

Join Top azure institute in Chennai with placement to get access to simulated learning and that too at your convenience.


Online training mode

Work on real-life projects and get real-time feedback in live classes!

With InventaTeq, you can now work on real-life projects and get instant feedback from your experts to analyse your growth. Get access to one-on-one azure training classes in Dubai and get the chance to learn directly from the expert team online.

Learn each and everything about Azure with some azure projects for beginners!


Certification from experts

Lead with expert certification!

Gain expert certification with your azure course in Dubai. Avail the certificate which is recognized by all the companies and industries worldwide.

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Learn from highly qualified and professional instructors!

  • Our instructor has been in the industry for more than 15 years now. He has a good understanding of all the concepts of cloud computing including cloud infrastructure and multiple cloud technology tools. His passion for teaching has made him join InventaTeq and till now he has helped thousands of students by making cloud computing easier and fun for them. He also helps build azure resume samples for freshers.
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What will you learn in this course?

Powerful and efficient learning with an advanced platform of InventaTeq!

Key highlights:

  • Hands-on training
  • Working on some good Azure projects for beginners
  • Instructor-led training sessions
  • Online azure session in Dubai
  • Resume building
  • Interview preparation

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Azure session in Dubai is for one and All!

Access our extensive range of study material and learning videos by enrolling in the azure Online session in Dubai. We have designed our courses in a way that they cater to all industries and fit well with the needs of each student. The course covers all the concepts that you need to learn to become a corporate professional!

Simulated guided azure online training in Dubai

Hands-on, guided and simulated learning courses for all the passionate learners. The course features all the fundamentals and advanced concepts of cloud computing and Azure to make you completely ready to tackle real-life situations. The course focuses on improving your learning retention to increase and enhance your knowledge and learning experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Learning critical and efficient skills has been made easier and engaging with InventaTeq.
Join the best azure training institute in Bangalore and experience the difference a quality education makes!

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Are you wondering what is azure training in Dubai?

If yes, book your demo classes today for free and learn everything about Azure training!

InventaTeq’s top-notch immersive learning experience delivered through live classes focuses on practical learning. Also, learn to excel at the interview questions and answers in azure!

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Skills You Will Gain

Master advanced skills with simulated learning!

The scope of Microsoft Azure is Astounding and that’s why azure courses are the best in Dubai. With our course, make yourself well-aware of all the required skills of Azure including development for unpredictability, budget and costing, and planning Azure active directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

With an online Azure session, you can start learning Azure from your home only. The classes will be conducted online by expert trainers and you can interact with your trainers. We have the best Azure Trainer in India to Learn AI Skills Practically. However, if you are still not sure what an azure session is in Dubai, book your demo classes with InventaTeq to learn how it works.

InventaTeq provides you with the best Azure certification training. With an experienced faculty, the team is able to deliver you the best knowledge and skills required in the industry.

No, with InventaTeq, you can learn Azure from your home only. You will not have to visit any centres.

Azure is one of the most reputed and popular cloud service providers in the world. Most companies use Azure to manage their data. Therefore, to widen your chances of getting hired by top companies, learning azure is important.

To get placed in Dubai, you need to build the required Azure skills. Make sure that you are aware of the implementation of all the concepts and know how to use Azure tools. Moreover, get certified to get noticed by industry experts.

To learn Azure, you generally do not need to learn any coding language in case you are using the platform as IAAS. However, if you are using Azure for developing applications, you can learn the coding language that you prefer.

InventaTeq offers you job-oriented courses to help you learn the industry skills that you need to get placed in top companies.

The average of Azure certified professionals is $126,653 per year. However, getting Dubai azure training and certification can help you get better salary packages.

After the completion of your Azure training, you can get placed as an Azure developer associate, AI engineer associate, and database administrator associate.

Yes, on the completion of your course, you will get certified by the expert team.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Simpler, an effective and efficient way of learning Azure!

You can now attend the Best azures session in Dubai at your home only. Learn all the fundamentals and advanced implementation of Azure with InventaTeq’s comprehensive course!


Practical Learning

Make full use of our learn-by-doing platform!

Learn Azure with a completely modern approach. Rather than just learning from your textbooks, InventaTeq’s Dubai azure classes follow a hybrid approach by incorporating all projects in the curriculum. With more than 15 use cases, learn to use your skills in real-life situations.


Resume Building

Build a professional resume to make a lasting impression on your employer!

Even before your personal interview, your resume is what makes you stand out in front of your interviewer. InventaTeq helps you build a professional resume along with providing you the best azure session in Dubai.


Real-time Training

Get real-time job-oriented azure classes in Dubai by experts!

With InventaTeq, get hands-on learning and one-to-one learning sessions. Despite being an online course, InventaTeq ensures that you are interacting with your mentor and learning.


Register today for the Top azure learning in Dubai to Get certified by the experts and get ready to appear for interviews with the top companies.

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Artificial Intelligence

Training Methodology

Learn to create, deliver and manage cloud-based solutions!

Now just do not only learn from books but learn by doing it yourself. InventaTeq follows a complete practical-based approach to help you retain learnt skills in a better way. The course curriculum incorporates all the mock tests and industry-specific projects in a way to help you build your portfolio.

You can interact with your instructor anytime throughout your azure lesson in Dubai and make them understand your needs and expectations!

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Designed for passionate learners, InventaTeq’s azure certification training classes in Dubai are perfect for everyone! We cover everything from what azure is and why it is important to every single concept.

Our Azure course Syllabus unfolds each topic of Azure in a specific and detailed manner to make learning more convenient!

Join InventaTeq’s azure courses in Dubai and put your efforts in the right direction.