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Why Choose Azure?

Are you aware?

Over 80% of companies have switched to Azure from other cloud service providers.

With that being said, there is no doubt that the future is bright for Azure-certified professionals. So learn Azure courses online.

But why are companies switching to Azure?

Should you opt for azure in Sydney and Melbourne?

These questions are quite obvious for newcomers and even professionals. However, there are numerous reasons why companies have opted for Azure and why one should switch to Azure.

Artificial Intelligence

Service Speed

When everything is at your fingertips, your data should not be an exception. The service speed of the cloud service provider plays an important role when it comes to choosing one. Azure is generally preferred by companies because of its less lag time and less access time.

Artificial Intelligence

Increased Flexibility

Whether it is about career flexibility or about the scalability of the business, Azure tops everywhere. Being a PAAS and IAAS model, Azure offers multiple flexibility options including languages and storage locations.

Artificial Intelligence

Disaster Recovery

Whether you are looking for minimum downtime or instant backups, Azure’s disaster recovery tools must not be missed. With its enhanced encryption features, Azure ensures the continuity of the plan in case anything goes wrong.

Artificial Intelligence

Security Offerings

Microsoft has been very vocal about its advanced and stricter security options. For an organization, the security of its data is the top priority. Also, it is preferred by companies because of Azure’s advanced encryption and security option.

Artificial Intelligence

Profile building

Build an impressive profile to get hired by the best companies!

With InventaTeq’s azure certification training courses in Sydney and Melbourne, you also get to build your skills and profile. Work on industry-specific projects that you can add to your portfolio and increase your chances of getting hired.

Interview Preparation

Make yourself interview-ready with the experts!

Get access to mock tests and interviews and make yourself comfortable and used to the interview process. Throughout your azure learning course in Sydney and Melbourne, you will encounter multiple real-life situations and get a better understanding of dealing with those problems.

100% placement assistance

Seasoned pro or a newbie, get hired by top organizations!

With InventaTeq’s job-oriented azure Classes in Sydney and Melbourne, learn how to put your skills into practice in your interviews. With our resume-building classes, we help you build professional Azure Resume samples for Freshers depending on your job profile and information.

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Course Curriculum

Learn Azure concepts and tools!

The curriculum of online azure training in Sydney and Melbourne deals with both theoretical, practical and live projects. Get hands on azure projects for beginners and tools.

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Course duration

Become a future-ready cloud professional in 2 months!

If you wish to start your career in cloud computing, InventaTeq offers a 2-month job-oriented azure course in Sydney and Melbourne for professionals. The course is perfect if you wish to fast-track your learning process and yet learn everything about Azure.


Online training mode

Learn from the best azure trainer in India to master AI skills practically!

Online training mode is the future of education. With InventaTeq’s azure online lessons in Sydney and Melbourne, it has become a lot easier to learn from experts, best Azure Trainer in India to Learn AI Skills Practically. With one-on-one training sessions, you can comfortably talk with your tutor and learn at the convenience of your home.


Certification from experts

Accelerate your career with Azure certification!

Get Azure certified by the experts and enhance your career opportunities with top azure training institutes in Chennai with placement.

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Successfully transition your career with the experts!

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What will you learn in this course?

20+ interactive Sydney and Melbourne azure classes with experts to gain industry-relevant skills!

Key highlights:

  • Industry-specific training
  • Hands-on training
  • Student support team
  • Placement assistance
  • Mentor connect
  • Azure resume sample for beginners

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

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Top azure learning in Sydney and Melbourne for all!

Considering your expectations and requirements, we provide you with the best learning experience. Our course is designed in a way that fits well with the requirements of a newbie or a seasoned professional. With that in mind, the course unravels each concept in a very detailed and structured manner to make it easier for you to link the concepts and learn.

Industry-oriented azure lesson in Sydney and Melbourne!

We offer the Best Azure Course Materials to Study online and keep it up to date as per the latest industry trends to make sure that students are learning skills that will help them.

Learn what azure is and why it is important to other critical concepts.

Master Azure skills with the help of hands-on industry projects from the best azure training institute in Bangalore.

Artificial Intelligence

Join the advanced azure training classes in Sydney and Melbourne with InventaTeq and get a chance to learn from the expert team! Get access to our rigorous Azure course Syllabus designed by industry experts and learn in the best possible way!

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Are you confused about an azure session in London?

The course will help you explore the concepts of Azure from the basics and enable you to implement those skills to live projects.

From cloud computing to developer skills to DevOps, everything is covered precisely in this course.

So, enrol in the top azure learning in London with InventaTeq and understand the knits and grits of Azure with experts!

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Skills You Will Gain

Propel your career or expand your knowledge with expert Azure skills!

Our Best azure session in Sydney and Melbourne helps you gain industry-relevant skills. Learn all the practical skills and get trained for resolving real-life problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who wish to make their career in the field of cloud computing and work on the latest technologies should enrol in the Azure training.

Learning Azure on your own can be quite tricky and confusing. Though the platform has a simple interface, you may not be able to make full use of the platform by learning on your own. Therefore, it is a good idea to join azure certification training classes in Sydney and Melbourne and make learning easier.

InventaTeq’s online course is perfect for those who want to kick start their careers by getting placed in top companies. The course makes you well-equipped in all the aspects of corporate training and Azure concepts.

With the advancement of technology and companies moving their data to the cloud, it has become important for professionals to get used to the concept of the cloud. Therefore, to future-proof your career, it is important to get trained with advanced technologies like Azure.

The Cloud computing field is flourishing right now and the future is certainly great in this field. Therefore, it is a good option to pursue your career as a cloud developer. However, there is only a demand for certified professionals and this is Why is azure courses are the best in Sydney and Melbourne.

The course duration of azure classes in Sydney and Melbourne is only 2 months or 60 days.

Top companies like eBay, Samsung, BMW, and GE Healthcare use Azure for their operations and storing data. You can also increase your chances of getting placed in these top companies by getting trained and enrolling in the azure course in Sydney and Melbourne with placement with InventaTeq.

Yes, you can definitely join the Azure learning course as a beginner. Consider joining an Internship for Azure engineering students. For Azure, you do not need any prerequisites or learn any coding language. So, if you have no prior experience in Azure, you can still join the course.

InventaTeq provides you with 100% placement assistance to help you land a job after the completion of the course.

Though there are no special requirements for joining the course, it will be beneficial if you know the basics of cloud computing and a programming language.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Make the right decision for your career!

If you are not sure what is Online azure session in Sydney and Melbourne, you must have not heard about InventaTeq! Learn the knits and grits of Azure with experts at your home only.


Hands-on training

Learn at your own pace!

With our instructor-led Sydney and Melbourne azure training, we ensure to give you the best and most self-paced learning experience. We ensure to keep sessions interactive so that you can freely talk to your mentor.


Student Support

Get assistance even after class hours!

Do not worry if you are facing issues related to the course or a particular concept. You can always rely on the student support team of InventaTeq. The team will help you as soon as they receive your query.


Industry-specific training

Accelerate your career with the right industry skills!

With our every azure class in Sydney and Melbourne, you get to learn something new. We help you build the skills that will help you outrank your competition and increase your recognition in the industry.


Start learning from the best azure learning training in Sydney and Melbourne! Join today in the course and take a step towards a flourishing career!

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Artificial Intelligence

Training Methodology

Our training methods revolves around your needs!

InventaTeq follows a unique and application-based training approach. By incorporating practical training into your theoretical training in the required way, we ensure to provide you with best azure course syllabus content and course material to study online.

Whether you are trying to upgrade your skills or you are just trying out the cloud computing field, our top online azure training in Sydney and Melbourne will help you acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in the best way possible.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Join InventaTeq’s Job Oriented azure classes in Sydney and Melbourne and make yourself corporate-ready with experts from all over the world!

Learn an azure course online and avail the benefit of the best job opening for azure.

With our practical, application-based and online mentoring sessions, we stand tall as the best azures session providers in Sydney and Melbourne!