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Why learn the course?

Did you know?

Microsoft Azure holds more than 30% of the cloud market share!

More than 95% of the fortune 500 companies around the globe have trusted azure as their cloud computing provider.

Still unsure how to learn the Azure course online, connect InventaTeq today.

Seeking to learn what Azure is and why it is important? Being one of the top five cloud services providers, azure is now a part of leading companies and giants of the tech industry including FedEx, Walmart and many more!

It has now become one of the biggest reasons to enroll in an Azure training course in Singapore and become an expert.

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Highly flexible

Unique cloud services for unique businesses!

Azure is well known for its scalability and flexibility. You can easily scale your services and resources with a single tap.

Azure allows you to perform various cloud computing services. It includes various options to update your services, storage locations, coding languages, and other aspects of your cloud computing services.

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Recovery systems

Secure your data with multi-layered security using azure!

Azure ensures that your downtime is kept to a minimum and your work progresses without any hurdles. With an accurate backup process, azure makes sure that your data is backed up at regular intervals.

Other than backups, azure will also provide you with detailed information about how your data backup. So joining an azure course in Singapore would be a preferable choice!

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Highest data security

More than 3500 cyber security experts for your data security!

Azure ensures that you don't lose your data due to any breach in cyber security. Azure offers data security through multiple-factor authentication along with other advanced security checks. Learn all these skills with Azure training in Singapore.

With the help of cyber security experts, azure provides multi-layered security for all users.

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Integration with Microsoft tools

Use all your Microsoft tools in an integrated environment!

You can now use your cloud storage in an integrated environment with the other Microsoft tools.

If you are constantly using Microsoft Office 365, Sharepoint, or any such tool, having a cloud service provider that can easily be integrated with these tools will be a boon! Become an expert with azure training classes Singapore and run these integrations efficiently!

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Profile building

Build a strong and rewarding profile under expert guidance!

With the help of an experienced and driven team, you can get insights into tips and tricks for an impressive Azure resume for freshers. After all, there must be something that makes you stand out from the crowd!

Interview Preparation

We prepare you to face the giants!

If you are looking for a job as a cloud computing expert in the tech giants, you will have to be prepared to face their technical and behavioral questions. From mock interview sessions to regular evaluations through assignments, azure certification training in Singapore prepares you for the toughest problem-solving assessments.

100% placement assistance

100% dedication to each student till you get your dream job!

We provide you 100% placement assistance to all our students. Our team of experts ensures that every student is given placement assistance from the beginning of the process to selection. Our azure learning in Singapore ensures that you don't face any hurdles alone during the critical process of interview questions and answering in Azure!

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Course Curriculum

Integrated course covering every concept!

Get access to an advanced and specifically designed Azure course study material to learn online including all the concepts of cloud storage under one roof. Take a schematic path to success.

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Course Duration

Become an azure master in just 60 days

Short-duration courses with regular informative sessions. Gain excellence in cloud computing with azure certification Training Singapore. Excell at the Azure tools in less than 2 months with hands-on training for every tool.


Online Training Mode

Learn from the comfort of your home

Gain access to Azure online sessions in Singapore by experts. Excel at a worthy skill without leaving the comfort of your home. Continue to upskill yourself without leaving your current job Or affecting your studies!


Certification From Experts

Certification offering global recognition!

Get a badge of excellence in the form of a certificate. Land your dream company with a globally accepted certification.

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Become an expert with the experts!

  • At Inventateq, Azure classes in Singapore are held by an industry expert. Holding over 10 years of experience, best Azure Trainer in India to Learn AI Skills Practically at Inventateq ensures that all students learn efficiently. Our expert ensures that you learn practical skills through their experience and set of professional skills. The mentor at Inventateq provides detailed explanations of practical skills through real-time problems.
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What will you learn in this course?

Singapore azure training covers every aspect for you!

  • GMajor modules of azure are covered in the integrated course
  • Hands-on training for different azure tools
  • Instructor-led training by the cloud computing experts
  • Regular interactive sessions to resolve doubts and queries
  • Azure modules in integration with different programming languages

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

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Azure online training Singapore is for one and all!

From accounting corporations to leading tech giants, everyone is using azure. With over 50,000 active users, azure is one of the leading cloud computing platforms. It is used by different middle sized and giant companies around the globe.

Store different types of data with efficiency and accuracy using azure.

Unfold every aspect of azure training certification

Get insights into the azure world with the azure certification training classes in Singapore provided by Inventateq. This Azure course syllabus comes with exciting opportunities to learn with good Azure projects for beginners to practice.

Evaluate and apply your skills on live projects. This will help you to attain excellence under the guidance of Inventateq experts and learn application of concepts in real-time situations.

Singapore azure classes offered by Inventateq are your one-stop solution for all cloud computing concepts.

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Begin your journey to become a cloud expert.
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Skills You Will Gain

Apart from theoretical skills, Inventateq believes in the overall development and knowledge of the students. With this mission in mind, our experts ensure that you learn practical and theoretical skills in detail. Get skilled in azure cloud computing tools and transform the way of storing data for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inventateq offers you a golden opportunity to get up-skilled in less than two months. The duration of this course is less than 60 days at inventateq.

Online training courses for azure ensure that you learn different azure tools along with cloud computing aspects

This program helps the aspirants to learn more about azure and associated tools. Inventateq helps you to gain hands-on training during this program in addition to the impeccable curriculum.

Inventateq offers online sessions with regular informative classes. You can get access to instructor-led sessions schedules as per a time table and also watch the recorded sessions if you miss any.

No, Inventateq offers instructor-led classes to ensure that you get interactive and engaging sessions

Inventateq provides you with an ISO-approved certification. It means that every country that accepts ISO certifications will accept your azure certification training Singapore from Inventateq

The Azure certification course is conducted in Singapore by Inventateq experts. With over 8 years of experience in training, our experts provide global training to students

If you are seeking a job that requires knowledge of cloud computing and Azure, the online azure training in Singapore will help you get your dream job easily.

Inventateq believes in providing education and skills to students at the most reasonable prices. Job Oriented azure course in Singapore at Inventateq is highly affordable for all.

Yes, Inventateq has a team of dedicated professionals that ensure you get placed in your dream companies without any technical hurdles.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Enrol in the best Azure course in Singapore to climb the ladder of success!

Inventateq is one of the top Azure institutes in Chennai with Placements providing engaging and informative azure learning courses. Not only will you learn the Azure tools, but our experts ensure that cloud computing and its application are clear to you. Experienced professionals at Inventateq make learning fun and engaging for you.


Hands-on training

Learn how tools are used efficiently

Learning concepts is not sufficient to get a job as a cloud expert. Gain access to hands-on training with the experts. This ensures that you learn each azure tool in detail and efficiently apply them in your problem-solving assignments.


Instructor-led sessions

Clear your doubts with engaging sessions

Are you worried about facing doubts and queries while learning Azure and how will you clear them with your instructor? Inventateq allows you to interact directly with your instructor during sessions. Gain access to Job Oriented azure Classes in Singapore at Inventateq.


Diverse Training

Azure training for different domains!

From accounting to marketing, every company is looking for Azure experts for organized data storage. Inventateq Azure training helps you in exploring different aspects and applications of Azure tools and concepts.


Get ready to turn the tables around. Book yourself at the best azure placement training institute in Bangalore today!

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Training Methodology

Be corporate-ready with the best in class azure learning in Singapore!

In addition to growing azure placement in Singapore, you can unlock the skills that will help you in your entrepreneurial projects too. Our training method is strictly based on teaching the students every aspect of azure tools and their application.

With our training modules, you will learn how to implement different concepts in real-time projects.

Attend Online azure sessions in Singapore by Inventateq experts regularly, and get the career boost you always dreamt of.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Grab the best online sessions at the Top online azure training in Singapore!

If you are looking for a training session that will help you initiate your cloud career, your search ends here. Inventateq ensures that we provide the best azure learning training in Singapore for all the students via online mode.

Get ready to join the best team amongst the top institutions to provide an azure course in Singapore with placement via online sessions.