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Why learn Azure?

Did you know?

Approximately 80% of businesses will move to the cloud by 2025, as per Oracle’s predictions.

This clearly implies that it has become important for employees to understand and become well-equipped with cloud computing concepts.

Out of all the cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure is used by almost 29% of the industries.

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Monetary Benefits

Enhance your Azure skills to get better monetary benefits!

To get better recognition and salary than your competitors, learning Azure in London is the best thing to do.

As the demand for cloud computing professionals has increased, the salaries and benefits associated with it are also quite great.

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Flexible Job Opportunities

Wide Job opportunities with Azure certification training classes in London!

Acquiring skills which are in demand in the industry helps you to widen your job opportunities. As an Azure-certified professional, you can get into different job profiles like security engineer and cloud developer.

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High In Demand

Get certified to outrank your competition!

Migrating your data to the cloud provides more security and flexibility. Because of this convenience, companies are migrating their data to the cloud and are in search of certified cloud professionals. However, the competition has also increased.

To outrank your competition, it is better to get Azure certification training in London.

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Improve DevOps Skills

Enhance your chances to get placed as DevOps Engineer!

Candidates who have basic knowledge of Azure can apply for DevOps certification provided by Azure. Developing such skills will help you enhance your probability of getting hired by top MNCs and ensure a secure future.

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Profile building

Work on 50+ live projects to create an impressive profile for employers!

Having experience working on live projects is always a plus! Build an impressive profile to enhance your chances of getting hired by adding your experience of working on live projects.

Interview Preparation

Enhance your interview skills with the experts!

Land your dream job and get prepared for your interview with the help of InventaTeq experts. With multiple mock tests and industry-specific questionnaires curated by experts, gain the confidence to ace your next interview with ease.

100% placement assistance

Get placed in top MNCs on course completion!

InventaTeq aims to provide you with 100% placement support to help you get hired by the top MNCs all around the world. From helping you build your resume to preparing you for the next interview, Azure learning in London by InventaTeq covers all.

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Course Curriculum

Well-structured Curriculum !

Designed by cloud computing experts, our curriculum ensures that you learn everything in a detailed manner. InventaTeq follows a structured curriculum to ensure right knowledge delivery.

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Course duration

A 2-month course to make you industry-ready!

With InventaTeq, you can now become Azure certified in two months. Our Azure Classes in London are designed in such a way that you learn everything in the desired way in just two months. From the basics of Azure to its implementation, the course covers all.

We are your answer to how to learn an Azure course online in a simple, easy way!


Online training mode

Take Azure class in London anytime and anywhere you want!

To provide you with the flexibility to learn Azure the way you want, InventaTeq provides you with azure online training in London. You can now take your classes simply at home or while travelling.

Get the best Azure course material to study online with the recorded sessions!


Certification from experts

Industry-recognized certification!

On completion of azure courses In London, get expert certification and open up a lot of job opportunities for you.

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Learn from experienced instructors to get the best knowledge!

  • Well-versed with the concepts of Azure and cloud computing, our training expert never fails to explain why Azure training is important in London. Besides cloud computing skills, our trainer ensures that you are understanding the importance of learning and all other options you have.
    Backed by an experience of over 10 years, he knows what is required by the industry and what practices he must follow to ensure the best for you.
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What will you learn in this course?

Job Oriented Azure classes in London containing best-in-class Azure course syllabus content!

Key highlights:

  • Get a deep understanding of Azure tools and skills
  • 100% placement support
  • Hands-on training
  • Online azure training in London
  • Instructor-led training
  • Structured curriculum

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Azure Online session in London is for one and All!

InventaTeq’s approach and training methods are what make it the top azure training in London.

Whether you are working in the field of cloud computing or you are a newbie in this field, InventaTeq’s course is for all. The course deals with every aspect of Azure to make you well-versed and equipped to start working in the corporate world.

Unfold every aspect of Azure Certification

Work on some good Azure projects and learn the cues to build an impressive Azure resume sample for beginners! Learn everything that you need to outrank your competition and get placed in the top companies.

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Kick start your career with Job Oriented azure Classes in London by InventaTeq and
experience what premium-quality training is all about!

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Are you confused about an azure session in London?

The course will help you explore the concepts of Azure from the basics and enable you to implement those skills to live projects.

From cloud computing to developer skills to DevOps, everything is covered precisely in this course.

So, enrol in the top azure learning in London with InventaTeq and understand the knits and grits of Azure with experts!

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Skills You Will Gain

Skills That Will Make You Stand Out!

We stand tall for providing the best azure session in London because of our practical approach. In our curriculum, we have balanced the theoretical and practical parts in a perfect way to empower your Azure skills.

Get trained with the top azure course in Chennai with placement!

Frequently Asked Questions

Azure is one of the most popular and in-demand skills in London. Earning an Azure certification in London will help you open wider job opportunities for you. Moreover, if you are a working professional, the course can be helpful to get extra monetary benefits and power in your firm.

An Azure lesson in London equips you with all the basic and advanced skills of Azure. This includes Azure metrics and monitoring, designing the Azure infrastructure, Azure site recovery, and Azure Cosmos DB.

Yes, if you wish to build applications in Azure, you need to learn to code in programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, SQL and web servers.

Fortunately yes, InventaTeq offers you complete 100% placement assistance to help you get a job on completion of your course. We are your answer to the best Azure training in India to learn AI skills practically.

The Azure certification implies that you are well-versed with the concepts of cloud computing and the services provided by Azure. It ensures that you have completed a structured course and test to prove your proficiency.

With InventaTeq’s azure online lessons in London, you can now learn Azure and other concepts of cloud computing at your home only. You can attend the classes at your convenience and work on live projects online.

Learning anything new takes time. When it comes to Azure, the course is a bit difficult but it is not impossible to learn. All the extra efforts that you will make will be rewarding.

Certainly. Now that more companies are switching towards the cloud and migrating their data to the cloud, learning Azure gives you an edge over others.

InventaTeq has a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers who have a good understanding of the latest technologies and trends in the industry. Moreover, InventaTeq also offers you an Azure course in London with placement so you can get placed at the end of the course.

If you are looking for the best Azures session in London, InventaTeq is your place. The expert trainers help you in building your skills in the best possible way.


Partnering With InventaTeq

24x7 Student Support

We are still by your side even after your class hours. You can always reach out to our student support team at any time of the day if you have any issues or questions.


Job-oriented Courses

Get a certificate recognised by all the top companies! InventaTeq provides you with a Job Oriented Azure course in London to ensure that you get placed in top companies on completion of the course. We provide the best Azure course Materials to study online.


Hands-On Training

Learn with implementation! Now the bookbinding concepts are now covered with their practical implementation. We let you work on multiple live projects to help you understand things in a better way. This practical approach will help you learn in a better and more interesting way and at the same time.

Get trained with the best Azure training Institutes in Bangalore!


Get access to some good Azure projects for beginners and analyse your performance with Azure training classes in London!

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Training Methodology

A result-oriented approach to make you a leader!

With our result-oriented approach, InventaTeq ensures that you are learning in the best way possible. With our structured approach, the curriculum unravels each concept of Azure certification in detail to help you ace the certification.

InventaTeq provides you with instructor-led Azure sessions in London in which our instructor will help you throughout the course.

Train with the best Azure trainer in INdia to learn AI skills practically!

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Choose InventaTeq as your learning partner to achieve results!

Master the concepts of Azure in London with the expert team and head start your career in the field of cloud computing.