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Why Get Azure Certification?

Did you know?

Microsoft made its entry into the world of cloud computing through Azure. It has seen substantial growth over the past few years. But what exactly Azure is and why it is important? Several IT companies are leaning towards Azure for its hybrid compatibility.

In fact, Azure has recently closed the gap with Amazon Web Services with a global adoption rate of 77%.

This has given rise to a newfound wave of job openings in Azure in cloud computing and made it essential for IT professionals to grab their Microsoft Azure Certification.

If you too want to become a vital part of the Azure uprising, join our distinguished Azure certification training courses in Chicago.

Artificial Intelligence

A Flexible Career Option

Pursue a variety of careers in the vast world of Information Technology! With a Microsoft Azure Certification to back your knowledge, you can venture into several promising career options such as - Cloud Developer, Cloud Architect, and a Solution Architect. Even fresh grads can join internships in Azure to get started with their career.

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Hefty Salary Package

Enjoy a six-figure salary and live the life you always dreamed of! A Microsoft Azure Certification proves that you have the technical abilities to help propel the mission of any corporate organization. Therefore, cloud computing professionals are offered an attractive salary package by several industries. The average salary of an Azure Architect and Azure Developer is $152,879 and $136,768 respectively. Want to earn a handsome paycheck every month? Sign up for our Azure classes in Chicago today!

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Quick Learning Process

From amateurs to IT professionals, Azure learning is possible for everyone! Our Azure online training in Chicago follows a concise and quick learning approach to help you get accustomed to a variety of Azure tools. With several easy-to-learn Azure tools in our training, we ensure that both beginners and professionals can adapt to the Azure platform easily.

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Reduced IT Costs

A cost-effective platform to host your IT infrastructure! Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that makes it easy for users to integrate their data centers with cloud infrastructure. Due to this integration, several small and medium-scale firms can host their business infrastructure entirely in the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence

Build a profile that stands out from the crowd!

See beyond just theoretical methods of training. With InventaTeq, emphasise practical training more. Implement your skills on various live projects and earn the confidence in your learnings. Add those projects to your resume and make an impression on your employer.

Success begins from preparation!

Preparation can only help you ace your future. Therefore, if you wish to be a part of your dream company, it is the time you prepare yourself for it. Begin with preparing to give a confident interview with the mock interviews conducted by the team.

Don't just learn Azure but build a career in it too with our 100% placement assistance!

One thing that sets us apart from other online Azure training is our 100% placement assistance. We guide our students every step of the way to secure a handsomely paying job at the Fortune 500 and MAANG companies easily!

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Industry Relevant Modules

Custom Designed Courses to test your industrial knowledge!

To help you stay on top of your industry, our mentors design Azure learning modules that will teach you the latest advancements in your technical domain.

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Hands-On Training

A unique training methodology to define new-age Azure learning!

We ensure that our students are completely involved in the training through a hands-on learning experience. Our experts understand that not every child learns at the same pace.
Therefore, we provide individual mentorship to students in an online mode and make virtual learning a dream come true!


Experienced Mentors

Our mentors help you beat cutthroat industrial competition!

Our expert and best Azure trainers in India have years of experience of working in the IT industry. They have gained their experience by working at senior positions in tech firms like HCL, Amazon, Genpact, Infosys, and Google. Their experience speaks volumes for their expertise in Azure learning and training!


ISO Certification

Quality e-learning is what we strive for!

Being an ISO-certified platform, we provide the highest quality teaching to our students as per the latest industrial standards.

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A well-equipped team of experts for you!

  • Our expert is currently working in a position of an Azure administrator Associate. He is well-versed with important skills in Azure like storage management and implementation, managing and deploying Azure compute resources, and backing up Azure resources. He has an experience of almost 16 years in the industry and has worked for more than 60 clients in his career.
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Key Highlights of the Course

Learn Azure concepts with a unique practical approach!
Course Highlights:
  • Instructor-led virtual Azure training sessions.
  • Learn communication and other corporate soft skills!
  • An immersive online training pattern to fit your schedule.
  • Corporate mentorship session to track your interview progress.
  • Real-time Azure learning tools to expose you to a plethora of practical opportunities.
  • Build an impressive portfolio and earn a position at the cloud computing table!

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A Commitment Proof

Establish yourself as a trustworthy professional in the IT industry with AWS certification!

An individual has to undergo rigorous training in cloud computing to get their Azure certification. To get your hands on the certification, you first need to sign up for the best Azure learning training in Chicago, study with professionals, and then take up the exams.

This suggests that you have given your time, blood, and sweat towards achieving your goals and would continue to do this in the long run.

Job Prospects

Discover endless possibilities to achieve a brighter career ahead!

  • Azure Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Azure Networking Specialist
Artificial Intelligence

No matter the circumstances, Inventateq’s instructor-led training
will always find a way to make things work for your career!

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Training Mode

A comprehensive online training to supplement your IT knowledge!

Master the Azure infrastructure through our broad-spectrum online course in Chicago! Our courses adapt to your busy schedule and give you the flexibility to decide your learning path.

Haven’t got the time to attend regular offline Azure training classes?

Then sign up for Inventateq’s career defining Azure session in Chicago! Moreover, if you miss any of our training sessions due to any unprecedented circumstances, you can always login to our platform and watch the recorded sessions.

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Uplift Your Cloud Career

We roll out new batches every week!

At Inventateq, you can never be too late to learn Azure courses online. To help interested students get on board with us, we introduce a new online Azure class in Chicago every week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud computing is defined as the dispatch of computing resources across the internet. This includes - physical servers, development tools, processing power, networking capabilities, etc. It helps businesses to gain flexibility in terms of advancing their business.

Even if you have little to no prior knowledge about cloud computing, you can still join our Azure online lessons in Chicago. However, an understanding of systems administration and networking will help you to understand Azure better.

The average salary of Azure-certified freshers in Chicago can go up to $163,000. That said, the salary of the applicants increases in parallel with their experience.

Inventateq is the best Azure training institute in Bangalore for online studies that will help you to gain knowledge about the Azure infrastructure at the comfort of your home! To gain an insight into our training methodology and instructor-led training, you can sign up for our demo Azure lesson in Chicago.

With Inventateq, you can become an Azure pro within just 2 months! Yes, you read that right! Our training courses are designed to teach you Azure by experts within just a few days with practical assignments.

Our courses are considered top of the class in Chicago because of our instructor-led training feature. Furthermore, our mentors provide 100% placement assistance to our students and guide them getting the job you’ve always dreamed of!

One of the major benefits of learning Azure is that you don’t need coding skills for it. While knowing how to code can be a major asset for IT professionals, Azure learning can take your career to new heights. As an Azure-certified professional you’ll only need to learn how to monitor and maintain the cloud computing system.

Part of what makes Azure certifications stand out in the IT industry is that they are a proof of your knowledge and hard work. They are only valid for a year. Therefore, you’d have to apply for recertification every year.

Our online Azure course in Chicago is designed to meet the rapid developmental pace of the program. Our courses go in-depth about the technical topics in Azure to ensure that you can crack the certification examination easily. We are the biggest comprehensive e-learning provider in Chicago and you can gain an immense exposure by joining the Inventateq family, the top Azure training institute in Chennai with Placement!

From basics to the most advanced cloud computing topics, in our Azure classes in Chicago, you’ll be learning everything! Some of the topics that you will learn here include - Identity Management, Storage Applications, Computing Applications, CDN, and much more!


Join the League of E-learning Courses with InventaTeq

Mentors to ValidateAYour Abilities

A dedicated mentor to help you sail through!

Our mentors introduce you to the subject of cloud computing along with Azure services, security, workloads, support, and privacy. They personally design the course AWS course syllabus and divide it into modules to facilitate easy learning. We have the best Azure course materials to study online.

Our instructor-led Azure session in Chicago will get you ready for this role-based certification exam and find your calling in the competitive IT industry.


Dedicated StudentSupport Team

Clear your doubts from our mentors anytime!

Get help even after your class hours!

An unrivalled characteristic about our e-learning platform is a dedicated student support team. At Inventateq, we provide our students the guidance they need even after the class time gets over!

Students can contact the mentors for doubt-solving sessions and the support team to know about the course details in length.


Mock Interviews

Ace your technical interview with a balanced preparation plan!

A prior preparation with real-time interview question and answers in Azure by interacting with industrial experts can help you hone your professional skills.

We help you polish your communication skills, develop decision making skills, and learn time management to increase your chances of getting hired!


Boost YourInterview Preparation

Don’t just gain knowledge, but learn to implement it!

To gain an engaging position at a top IT firm, you’ll need to learn how to implement your subjective knowledge. Our placement assistance team will help you with this by building your resume and tracking your interview progress.

You can also take up multiple mock interviews with us to identify the improvement areas for your interview.


Take the leap from mock interviews to real-time tech giant interviews with Inventateq!

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Artificial Intelligence

Learn from globally accredited leaders in engaging virtual sessions!

Inventateq is the largest e-learning platform that has experience in training students in IT p-based courses across the globe. Our team of experts have years of experience in creating, testing, and maintaining Azure applications.

With unique teaching methods and practical exposure, Inventateq experts ensure that you pass the Azure certification examination on your very first attempt!

Our courses provide a broad-spectrum training in Microsoft Azure concepts and applications. Attend our online demo Azure session in Chicago to get further convinced of the bright future of cloud computing!

InventaTeq: Pioneers of Quality Learning

Azure learning will now be easier with our instructor-led courses!

Visit our website today and register for the best Azure session in Chicago to outshine your competitors!