What is
Google, yahoo & Bing Search Engine Optimization ? and How to Rank website in Top of Google, Yahoo and Bing

About Google, yahoo & Bing

Search Engine: The phrase consists of two words: Search and Engine. At first, let us understand what is an engine. An engine is a machine or program which helps us in doing or performing a job with ease. The other word of the phrase is the search which signifies searching for something relevant to us. So a search engine can be defined as a computer program which helps the user to find relevant information with the help of text. These texts are also known as keywords. The keyword can be a single word or a phrase or maybe a complete sentence. Search Engine has been designed in such a way to search the web systematically and present the required information and display it in the Search Engine Result Pages. Search engine differs from the web directories, as it also maintains the real-time information by executing on a web crawler to get the results/webpages indexed based on relevancy. The content present on the web and cannot be searched by the search engines are referred to as the “deep web”.

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Why Google, yahoo & Bing?

Google: Google Search or Google Web Search or simply referred to as Google is a web search engine developed by Google. The search engine has the largest market share globally and handles approximately 5.5 billion searches per day. Google works on a priority ranked system known as “PageRank”. This algorithm assigns each web page a relevancy score which is mostly dependent on the frequency and location of the keywords in the page. The information provided in the webpage must be relevant and proper keywords should be used to rank the page.
Yahoo: Yahoo Search is a web search engine launched in 1994. Yahoo uses the web directory method as its part of the ranking algorithm. The more your website gets clicked it starts appearing in the top. The title of your webpage is the biggest factor for ranking, so your page title must contain the keywords. Apart from the same it also uses the page ranking algorithms that have been submitted on the internet to rank the pages for giving relevant result. After 2009, the Microsoft and Yahoo deal says that Yahoo search is majorly powered by Bing Search.
Bing: Bing is a search engine which is currently owned and operated by Microsoft. It is majorly developed in ASP.NET. Bing search engine is quite different in approach as Google algorithm. Bing focuses on anchor tag keywords, unlike Google. The backlinks on Google matters on both quality and quantity but in Bing quantity is more preferred, unlike Google. Bing also believes in old is gold policy as compared to Google ways of giving more weightage to fresh contents. In Google, each page is ranked but Bing uses ranking of a website through your first or the home page.

How do Search Engines work?
Although different search engines have their search algorithms, they have few things in common. Every search engine will rank your page based on their algorithm. The keywords in your webpage, home page and the title of the page play the major role. The content must be relevant to the webpage and the keywords should be used properly. Every search engine always focusses on correct grammar and words because the users always want to read a better content to understand the meaning. Ultimately the goal of the search engine is to provide the information required. If the information provided is not correct then the use of a search engine is a waste. The major factors which influence the search engine process are listed below:
• Keywords: The words or phrases that describe your business, in short, is very much important to be identified. The content on your website needs to be around these words. These words can include the services you provide, or outcomes of the service, area of operations, etc.
• URL: URL is the web address that denotes your presence on the internet. A business must choose the URL in such a way that it matches the name of the company. IT must not deviate very much from the name of the firm. This is important as few search engine algorithm focuses on URL as well.
• Content: The most important part of the website for getting it indexed in the search engine is the content. The content has to be written in a way that all the keywords must get evenly distributed or prioritized based on each page of the website. Moreover, the home page should be the best as the majority of the customer land up in the home page and few search engine keeps the content on the main page for page ranking. The content must be grammatically correct, should bot be a copy of an existing page. The best practice of the content is to understand the customer who would read and then phrase your sentences in the same way.
• Backlinks: Backlinks are the part of the off-page SEO, yet very important in ranking the page in the search engine. One of the best ways to create backlink is to make sure it points to qualitative content and none of them remains broken.
• Page Speed: The faster the page loads, more and more user likes to read it thus enhancing the search of the page in the search engines.
• User Experience: Your page must be user friendly easy to read so that the search engine finds and index them. Moreover, if the user who has visited your page like the content, infographics, friendliness of the page then he is likely to visit the page and refer to friends as well. More visitor means, faster crawling of the page in the search engines. Also, make sure to keep your webpage updated, it provides authenticity to the business.
• Page Security: Page security is the biggest reason why one may not get indexed properly in the search engines. If your page is not secured with standard certifications, then it may warn the users from visiting it which gives negative feedback about the company and also poor ranking in the search engine consoles. Unsecured pages are also very likely to be hacked and altered.
Apart from these factors, there are many other factors like mobile-friendliness, domain age, authority etc. which influence the page ranking based on different search engine algorithms.